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User Info: DevsBro

2 months ago#31
I mean, in fairness I have a butt at the bottom of my back but I still don't want people shoving their butts in my face.
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User Info: 5tarscream

2 months ago#32
RedXIII's story is the best. The scene after defeating the Gi Nattak is the best scene in the game period.

I never liked Yuffie because of the previously listed reasons, also because her fanboys often come across as creepy guys who find her sexually appealing despite her being very childlike and immature. Loli's are not my thing.

User Info: SammyKneen

1 month ago#33
Aerith because she is the most powerful.

As I mentioned in another thread, her power is criminally overlooked. Great Gospel is awesome but she also has ‘indirectly’ the most powerful DPS Limit Break in the game with Fury Brand, since it would allow you to perform 4 Multi-Hit Limit Breaks in a row (2x Omnislash + 2x Angermax/Highwind/Doom of the Living), in the same time you could only perform 3 without her. The caveat is that tragically she’s not around to make the most of this.

Her story as a character is also the most memorable for me, which means alot considering I see most of the characters in this game as pretty well developed.
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User Info: Olld-Onne

1 month ago#34
I never liked Cloud, pick one lol.
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the_quickness posted...

Cid's not a senile old man.

He's 37.


He was going to be the first man in space and he saw Shera as the person who ruined that dream for him. That was a big deal. He's been stuck in his town for the last 15 or so years and hasn't had anything to look forward to; so yeah, he's cranky and depressed, but he's not senile and not OLD.

Jeez. :)

37 is old man age for a JRPG character 😆
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