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User Info: LukeSkyvvalker

2 months ago#1
Just wondering what this board's take is on yesterday's Poll of the Day. - Results (99 votes)
5.05% (5 votes)
33.33% (33 votes)
14.14% (14 votes)
11.11% (11 votes)
9.09% (9 votes)
Cait Sith
2.02% (2 votes)
6.06% (6 votes)
19.19% (19 votes)
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Yuffie's the best. Don't know why everyone I know in real life always hated her.

User Info: BreakevenCloud

2 months ago#2
Cait Sith my #1 homie

Love random/chance/gambler mechanics
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User Info: DevsBro

2 months ago#3
LukeSkyvvalker posted...
Yuffie's the best. Don't know why everyone I know in real life always hated her.

"Hate" is a stromg word but she was always one of my least favorites because:

1. She's supposed to be a ninja but is the furthest thing from it possible (or was that the joke?)
2. She's super annoying, from laughing with the "Nyuk nyuk" sound down to that aggressively-gut-punching-the-air animation.
3. She has pretty much no bearing on the story. In fact, isn't she totally missable?
4. She is badly outclassed by every other character when she joins your party and I never bothered to see if she ever catches up.

In fairness, I usually do fight that fish boss thing in Junon with her in the party because I'm like "yeah I'm gonna use Yuffie this playthrough!" but then halfway through the fight I'm like "oh yeah, this is why I never use Yuffie."
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User Info: codemann8

2 months ago#4
Cid, see this thread:

In response to someone saying his theme song was unusual for him, I replied:

I definitely don't find it at all unusual. Cid is a very nostalgic and passionate guy when it comes to his work on these macro-vehicles. A very patriotic loyalty to that passion is often recognized by others, for instance one of his crew members just outside the chocobo stable explained why they got involved in the theft of the Highwind in Junon. He said he hated how Heidegger just screamed out demands and orders all the time but took note of how Cid looked onto the Highwind in awe and nostalgia when he returned and then remembered the days when Cid was running things and couldn't help but to become an accessory to the theft of the Highwind, gladly taking him back in at the helm.

I remember reading that script with that music playing and thinking how fitting the music is.

You have to think, yes, he often had a sharp attitude especially towards Shera, he's also a senile old man. But even under all that, he never wanted money, he never wanted power, he simply wanted the joy of exploration and over the years Shinra stripped him of that. The music is fitting of a man reclaiming his previous ambitions.
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User Info: GoukiAkujiki

2 months ago#5
Cid is the best.

User Info: DevsBro

2 months ago#6
Yep, I voted Cid too.
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User Info: Dreamseeker

2 months ago#7
Cid and Tifa, they also have the best themes.

User Info: Ojisan

2 months ago#8
Cid, cause he reminds me of myself a bit. an older guy who smokes, and uses foul language LoL

User Info: MsRenndilya

2 months ago#9
Tifa she is almost completely like me. We're both quiet gentle girls(although she fights well when she has too) We both have the same romance ideals. She also shares my birthday May 3rd! She also fantastic gameplaywise and she is the most attractive FFVII character behind Sephiroth.
Well then screw Nintendo for not making Bowsette canon.

User Info: GoukiAkujiki

2 months ago#10
My brother is May 3rd.
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