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  3. This game is really good at setting mood (SPOILERS)

User Info: kroda

1 month ago#11
Anxious Heart is indeed very good at setting a eery atmosphere.

FF6 is my favorite but 7 is the one I always find more captivating. Always liked the dread and mysterious moments in those games, especially since they have a lot of light hearted moments as well.

User Info: DynamixDJ

1 month ago#12
Underneath the Rotting Pizza is one of my favourite tracks for setting the tone. As is Anxious Heart.
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User Info: Crashrfc

4 days ago#13
loseless posted...
The thing is, the game is not unpolished nor does it have a rough finish. It was very well made a has a surprising amount of detail to it, more than most "modern" games have. It does not look impressive by today's standards, but the story-telling, detail and immersion are top of the line and that's what matters to the experience of enjoying it.

The one major problem 7 always had was the bad translation. And the newer versions have dealt with that, so, unless you are playing the PS1 version, you got the best of it.

Does it? Aside from clearing up grammatical errors, the ps4 port suffers from the same atrocious translation the ps1 version had.
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  3. This game is really good at setting mood (SPOILERS)