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  3. So, how different would the plot of FFVII be if Zack survived Crisis Core?

User Info: ShadeStrider1

3 months ago#1
Zack survives.

Cloud recovers from Mako Poisoning, and gets the SOLDIER Trademark Blue eyes due to his exposure to Mako.

The two arrive in Midgar and start a Mercenary business, like Zack originally meant to.

Cloud probably doesn’t gain false Memories, because Zack’s death doesn’t happen, and his Mind doesn’t shatter. Plus, Zack is still there to help him through the Mako Poisoning.

Zack manages to reach Aerith.

Start from there.
Would Cloud have to gain his Sword Skills the proper way, since he didn’t have Zack’s memories?

User Info: 1ofaDragon

3 months ago#2
Thus the 3 friends are reunited
And, loveless is reenacted
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User Info: ObsidianTurncoat

3 months ago#3
Before Crisis has Cloud go glowy-eyed murder-mode sword beast, doesn't it? And that's before CC. If it's still canon anyway.
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User Info: LukeSkyvvalker

3 months ago#4
If fanfiction is anything to go by..... nothing really all that major besides Zack replacing Cloud as the MC, Kunsel joining, Tifa knowing about Cloud as soon as they escape Midgar and Aeris conveniently not dying. (I might've forgotten some things but that seems to sum it up - I never bothered to finish it and lost interest [since it was basically just FFVII - with Zack!] around the time they were climbing the ice mountain on Disc 2)

Also, I think Cloud might've eventually ended up with the Buster Sword but he started out with guns and other swords. And Zack turned into monsters like Vincent (as his "Limit Break", since it treated that gameplay mechanic seriously like an actual plot device) (never played or watched any of the compilation, was that made up for the fic or did Hojo's experiments actually have gameplay ramifications in Crisis Core?) and so there was that whole angst thing going (besides what was already there because of the SOLDIER thing).

User Info: Kalta79

3 months ago#5
Cloud joins Sephiroth anyway cause he still wants to prove himself since he's a whiny nobody and Zack kills him and Sephiroth?
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User Info: manmouse

3 months ago#6
Let’s see, if Zack survives then the plot would likely change quite a bit. I would theorize that under these new conditions:

-Cait Sith becomes the main character

-Cait Sith ends up in a love triangle between Tifa and Aeris, but they realize the possibilities and decide to share each other

-Sephiroth realizes that he’s been a real jerk lately and decides to chill out and spend all his time raising chocobos

-Cait Sith rides Cid’s rocket to space, without Cid. He brings Tifa and Aeris along to party.

-Cait Sith, Tifa, and Aeris move to Costa Del Sol to settle down

-everyone else dies

User Info: 1ofaDragon

3 months ago#7
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User Info: mled

3 months ago#8
The plot of FFVII would not change at all because Crisis Core was made after FFVII.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

3 months ago#9
Shinra HQ doesn't happen. They don't find out about Sephiroth. When Meteor is summoned, they don't know what is happening.

Basically, nothing happens naturally or you can contrive a way for the exact same events to happen.
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User Info: EpsteinBarr

3 months ago#10
Drastically different. For one thing, the story of FFVII wouldn’t be as compelling.
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