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Character Differences?

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User Info: Shadow_FF6

10 months ago#1
Was thinking about replaying the game again, and one thing I was curious about that I can't find any easy answers in the guides for. Is there any real difference between characters? I don't remember much besides their Limit Breaks and the special effect of their final weapon.

Am I remembering incorrectly? Are the characters largely interchangeable apart from their limit breaks? Or is there something more distinguishing about them?
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User Info: Vir27

10 months ago#2
They're largely interchangeable. What stat differences you find should not prevent your doing anything. E.g., in a normal game, if you and a boss seem so tightly matched that you think you need a little more Str than Aeris' or a little more Mag than Barret's, then there's very possibly a larger element you're overlooking.

Whereas, Barret (generally), Yuffie, and Vincent can also do full damage from the back row.

Outside gameplay, Barret does make some comments of his own in scenes, like finding Cloud in Mideel, where other characters' remarks are variations on the same line.

User Info: TomorrowDog

10 months ago#3
Limit Breaks and weapons is basically it.
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User Info: Eno_Suibon

10 months ago#4
Like someone else said, the stat changes aren't enough make a big difference, so limits and weapons is about it.

I personally enjoy creating classes for each character based on their personality. Cloud is like a Red Mage, jack-of-all-trades. Tifa is a monk with Cure, earth magic, etc., while Yuffie gets lots of magic which inflicts status effects (and steal of course).

But that's 100% optional, everyone in the game can do basically whatever you like.

User Info: BlockAddition

10 months ago#5
Late game materia growth is a factor IMO, and Cloud, Yuffie and Cid do that best late-game

User Info: MC_BatCommander

10 months ago#6
I basically go with the characters that have the most useful limit breaks, so I use everyone except Vincent and Cait Sith.
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User Info: Peter_19

10 months ago#7
MC_BatCommander posted...
I basically go with the characters that have the most useful limit breaks, so I use everyone except Vincent and Cait Sith.

I personally think that Cid has the best overall repertoire of Limit Breaks.
Even his very first move "Boost Jump" is pretty awesome against single targets, and "Hyper Jump" is amazing.
Then later he gets insane things like "Big Brawl" and "Highwind".

I seriously cannot think of a single bad move from him, all of them are very useful in different ways.

User Info: mled

10 months ago#8
They are interchangeable. Even taking Limit Breaks into account you don't actually need the best Limit Breaks to play the game.

You can pick whoever you want.
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User Info: Lockeadon

10 months ago#10
sure, if you get good at slots, its one of the strongest and most versatile limits in the game
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