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Weird/pointless changes in a recently finished fan translation

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User Info: Lockeadon

8 months ago#81
i did but it was too lemming

User Info: HylianKnight1

8 months ago#82
For what it's worth, the mod does include the option of playing with the original character names and terms that have become congruent with series canon.
Beep boop son, beep boop.

User Info: Peter_19

8 months ago#83
New translations in general have an annoying tendency to change the spellings of names for no reason.
One example of this is the "Second Evolution" version of "Star Ocean: The Second Story".
For some reason that version changed the perfectly fine spellings "Cross" and "Mars" into "Krosse" and "Marze" - why?
It doesn't "improve" the original translation in any way, and the new spellings look weird and out of place in the English language.
And this isn't just a minor nitpick either - these kinds of changes can sometimes genuinely make it harder to discuss with people who play different versions if the changes are very noticeable, because they may not recognise some of the name changes and have problems understanding each other, and this inconvenience could have easily been avoided by simply sticking to the original names from the beginning.

User Info: Lockeadon

8 months ago#84
yep, the newer dragon quest localizations do that too. every remake and new entry after 8 was released for some reason all use 8s style to arbitrarily "relocalize" games that originally had quite a different tone. i say arbitrarily because that exactly what it is. some thing and certain characters names are so different as to be unrecognizable, while other things werent changed AT ALL

User Info: 1ofaDragon

7 months ago#85
The degradation will cease
spectral souls post game maniac

User Info: Lockeadon

7 months ago#86
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  3. Weird/pointless changes in a recently finished fan translation

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