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Weird/pointless changes in a recently finished fan translation

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User Info: Peter_19

11 months ago#1
Apparently some guy has spent five years re-translating this game, which you can read about on this site:

While I commend his determination, I must say that a lot of his changes feel completely unnecessary, and are prime examples of when a translator limits himself way too much to the original Japanese script.
For example, he has changed the official and perfectly fine names "Phoenix Down" and "Moogle" into "Phoenix Tail" and "Moguri".
Why was this considered important and necessary?
How many people have felt bothered by those names and considered them to be horrible translations?
Yeah okay, technically it may be the tail of a Phoenix that revives people from death, but so what?
"Phoenix Down" has worked perfectly fine and even makes enough sense, since you could imagine that you use the downs from the Phoenix's tail, so why change it at all?
This is like if I translated a Mario game and changed Luigi's name into "Ruiji" or something, and that would just be ridiculous.
And this is something that a lot of fan translators don't understand:
translations aren't about staying as close to the original script as humanly possible, they are about localising the script so that people who speak another language can understand it, and so that it sounds natural to them.
Things that did need to be changed were infamous lines such as "Attack while it's tail's up!", "This guy are sick.", "Off course! / No, way!" etc, and that's the point of a new translation - to change obvious mistakes and annoying grammatical errors.
And yes, he did change those lines, and that's cool, but why change perfectly fine well-known item names into something else?
Why was it important to change "Moogle" into "Moguri"?
Why was it necessary to change Zack's name into "Zax"?
What did he name Cid then, "Shid"?
This is the kind of nonsense that a lot of fan translators spend too much time on, instead of simply asking themselves "what do I need to change in order to make the game make enough sense in this particular language, from this language's own perspective"?

User Info: TomorrowDog

11 months ago#2
Different translations for different purposes or focuses is fine by me. Its his rancid attitude of "everything is wrong" thats an issue.
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User Info: Peter_19

11 months ago#3
TomorrowDog posted...
Different translations for different purposes or focuses is fine by me. Its his rancid attitude of "everything is wrong" thats an issue.

Yeah well, that's kind of my issue as well.
I just don't understand why everything that wasn't even an actual problem had to be changed, other than being super-accurate to the Japanese version.

I realise that it's clearly not an official version in any way and that it isn't really a big deal, but it has always bothered me when translators become obsessed with the exact Japanese script and slavishly follow everything from those versions.

But yes, the overall translation quality definitely seems highly improved, so I will give him that.

User Info: manmouse

11 months ago#4
Yeah there's always people who go too far into weeb territory and forget what it means to localize something.

User Info: simondrake

11 months ago#5
That's dumb.
it's a lot like people saying Bejiita instead of Vegeta. The whole point of the name is a reference to vegetables, not to bejiitables
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User Info: DynamixDJ

11 months ago#6
I for one applaud DLPB, he has made it his life's work to give us a game as true to how FFVII was originally intended as possible. Regardless of minor changes to names and such, there was an incredible amount of dialogue that I didn't properly understand until I played the re-localisation.

I think Reunion is a fantastic mod, but that's just my opinion

In response to TC's comments about "why was it necessary to..." etc. because ran was in line with the scope of his project, which was to translate the entire game correctly. It doesn't matter if Zack is spelt Zax or not; the whole point is that it was proven that it was originally intended to be spelt Zax, therefore the change was deemed necessary in Dan's eyes.

Another thing about Reunion, is the fact that it is not just a re-localisation. It's also an attempt to fix as many coding issues as possible, which is no small task. I've helped him with some if the catastrophic mess that is the North Crater. There are also thousands of lines of redundant script which he has tried to clean up, as well as attempting to fix all bugs. People can moan about the minor bits that they don;t like about the mod all they want, I for one think it's the best version of the game that we'll ever see.

But again, that's just my opinion
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User Info: mled

11 months ago#8
I pretty much agree with all @DynamixDJ said.
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User Info: Moeman_

11 months ago#9
If you use the PC retranslation rather than the PS1 release of it, you have an option to use official terminology like Marlene, Zack, Phoenix Down, etc. I think someone was making an addendum patch to the PS1 retranslation as well, that uses official terms and names. I use the PC Steam version with the Square Enix canon terms and names and it's pretty great so far, in my opinion.
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User Info: therewasatime

11 months ago#10
i gotta commend the guy for his work. i see no need to knock 'em.
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