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  3. How do you pronounce 'Bahamut'?

User Info: o_rly_factor

13 years ago#1
I say bah-hah-mutt, but my friend says buh-har-moot. How do you pronounce it, and what is the official pronunciation?

User Info: Miraboreas

13 years ago#2
Baja Fresh.
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User Info: RE4FreakOut

13 years ago#3

Go play Final Fantasy 12. It tells you the pronounciation of nearly all summons.


Ba (like in Baja),

Or you could say "Buh" which is what I do.

Hah (Like in Baja)


User Info: Zuloph

13 years ago#4
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User Info: SolidKnight

13 years ago#5
Tell your friend to go back to the first grade because there is no 'r' in Bahamut. Phonetics FTW.

User Info: RE4FreakOut

13 years ago#6

Just say Baja Moot and you're good.

User Info: Max_Power_9999

13 years ago#7
I pronounce Leviathon

Lev - E - A - Thun

...cause I was young and read it that way and now it's just a habit
the master samurai 13 years ago#8
most people(even th epeople in the game) say shiva as shee-vuh, but i know a relegiously hindu person, a good friend of mine for many years. and he says its pronounced like shiv-uh

User Info: Xanthan_001

13 years ago#9
I always pronounced it "Ba-hah-mutt."

User Info: Heatherlover

13 years ago#10
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