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User Info: HH_King

1 year ago#301
solidraidens posted...
Just came back on here and noticed this is my oldest message. Sorry for what I wrote two years ago Steve man. Didn't expect people to just quote and post either, haha.

Steve has a good sense of humor, he's not going to get salty over something that was said so long ago.
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User Info: FullOrder

1 year ago#302
Good job steve

User Info: DarkStory_666

1 year ago#303
What is the easiest way to get omnislash?
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User Info: Yuffie7777

1 year ago#304
DarkStory_666 posted...
What is the easiest way to get omnislash?

The easiest way to get Omnislash is to wait until you get the Highwind where it is only 32,000BP rather than the 51,200BP it costs after getting the Tiny Bronco. Load up on Right Arms (stolen from Bombs on the Mt. Corel bridge and have a healthy supply of healing items and ethers.

At the Battle Square learn to use the square button trick in the slots. Basically repeatedly press square to slow down the spin, memorise the order, and press X when the condition before the condition you want is about quarter showing. This should result in getting the condition you want more often than not. The main thing to aim for is broken materia (this nets the most BP gain).

Equip your best weapons, armour, accessories and materia and win the battles. Use Right Arms when you are inflicted with Small/Frog and you shouldn't have any difficulties. 3-5 completions of the Battle Square with broken materia in the last 2 battles should net you enough BP to get Omnislash after getting the Highwind.
Hmmm... Any Materia? Any Materia around?

User Info: Kushinadahime

7 months ago#305
Why are you reading this?

User Info: Eldin

6 months ago#306
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User Info: Kushinadahime

6 months ago#307
Why are you reading this?

User Info: Gunzz4hire

5 months ago#308
I saw somewhere that howling moon stacks 2 times (up to 100% attack) if you mime it direct after and prevent getting berserked. (Eg. Ribbon) So I wanted to try this out. Waiting for my bar to fill up at Ruby weapon I used all Hero drinks. I believe they stack 5 times? Upon using howling moon it said miss. Does that mean I cant increase it anymore (all redxiii stats are on 255)?

So my question is what items and abilities go beyond 255 and stack with eachother. Does anyone have some sort of list or knowledge about this?

User Info: shadow666

5 months ago#309
The maximum stat modifier is +100%, regardless of what's used to reach it.

Howling Moon will increase Red's Attack modifier by +60%
Lunatic High will increase Red's Defense% modifier; rather than give each member +50% it gives their bonuses to Red himself, so with two people alive he will get +100%
Vincent's limits all come with their own modifiers to various stats, Death Gigas notably has some negative modifers

Hero Drinks increase Attack/Magic Attack/Defense/Magic Defense by 30%
Dragon Force E.Skill increases Defense/Magic Defense by +50%

So you can use 3 Hero Drinks for a full effect, a 4th one for reduced effect, and then you'll be at the maximum for those stats, and using Howling Moon wouldn't give any further Attack.
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User Info: DragonGirlYuki

3 months ago#310
Cool topic
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