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    1.10. What is the MDef bug?
    The MDef that armor should give, is not used. In other words, ignore the number that it shows at MDef for armor. Characters still have Magic Defense, but this is solely based on the stat Spirit. Characters also have MDef%, which is Magic Evasion. This is how often a character dodges a magical attack, and this stat does work on armor. It doesn't affect normal MDef.

    1.11. How do I score 5000+ points in the Speed Square?

    In the PC version, you can hit the Yellow Zeppelin's propellor for 5000+ points in one go. This even goes up to 25000 points. But, it's PC version only.

    In all other versions, my advise is to play the game often and memorize the locations of the targets so you can have the cursor there when they pop up.

    These 3 hidden targets may also help you. You should also shoot the large UFO to pieces or it'll be almost too hard for real.

    - The Yellow Boulder can be shot at two occasions. The first occasion is when
    you're still in the cactus section, and this is often by pure luck. It's on the
    Canyon top. The second occasion is when you are turning around and a single
    blue plane pops up after a while. Just before that happens, check the back of
    the top of the canyon and shoot the boulder. I suggest shooting it on the 2nd
    occasion, as you don't have any other targets to hit during that time. (200 points)

    - The Red Wheel of the Boat appears after the Yellow Submarines. The longer you
    shoot this, the more points you get. Hold your laser to receive the most
    points. You can NOT get infinite points with this, UNLESS you have the Japanese
    Version. It wasn't fixed in that version, so it kept giving points. (points vary)

    - The Secret Headlight is the 2nd last that appears on the left side of the trail
    right before the coaster ends. You just have to try this one out a couple of
    times until you get it right. (200 points)

    1.12. Can you clarify the love relations of the game a bit?
    Sure I can:

    Aeris loves Zack. Aeris loves Cloud.
    Tifa loves Cloud. Cloud loves both, but here's where it comes down to interpretation.
    Ask the writer of the story and he will likely say Tifa.

    1.13. What are the voices in Clouds head?
    It's in fact Cloud's real self that talks to him. This real self will also sometimes show itself to Cloud, sometimes as Cloud when he was a kid.
    Trying to get 1 woman will get you nothing, trying to get 10 women will get you 10.