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    1.7. I can't learn this particular Enemy Skill. Why not?
    Are you talking about a skill that the enemy won't cast on you because it's naturally good (like White Wind, which heals), then you must Manipulate that particular enemy and cast it on your self.

    If not, you're probably either talking about Pandora's Box, Trine, ????, Roulette, or Chocobuckle. This should help you understand how to get them:

    -If you want Trine on all FOUR Enemy Skill Materia's, make sure you don't kill
    Godo before getting the Highwind. You can, however, still do everything else in
    Wutai, just don't do the Godo Boss Battle.

    - Pandora's Box is only used by the first Dragon Zombie you'll meet, as a Final
    Attack when it's killed off. After this, something in the game causes them to
    never perform this attack again. So, if you want the skill on all four Materia,
    learn them all at once, or you will never be able to again.

    - Jersey will never cast ???? if you've already attacked it once (with physical
    attacks). This is a bug, so when you get into a battle with them don't attack
    them and wait for them to cast ????. And even that may take a while.

    - Chocobuckle can be learned from all Chocobo's, but the easiest way is to find
    some that have a level divisible by 4, so you can cast L4 Suicide on it (after
    feeding it a Mimett Green). Around the Chocobo Farm are Chocobo's with a level
    that's divisible by 4. Feeding the Chocobo a Sylkis Green also works, btw.

    - Death Dealer will only cast Roulette when it's HP is under 25% of it's max HP,
    and use it as a counter attack against you. They have 7000 Max HP, so their HP
    must be below 1750. Attack it, don't kill it with the attack, and it'll cast
    Roulette. They can only do this once in a battle.

    In addition, the following information will prove useful while being on the Enemy Skill subject:

    Locations of the four Enemy Skill Materia's:
    1) Found on the spot you fought the H0512 Boss, in Shinra Building.
    2) Found in the Beginner's Hall in Junon.
    3) City of the Ancients; Behind the uppermost bed in the room you took a nap.
    4) Gotten by talking to the Green Chocobo at the Chocobo Sage's House.

    Learning Enemy Skills:
    You can NOT learn Enemy Skills when you run away from a battle or get kicked
    out of battle. You can also NOT learn any skill in the Battle Square, and you
    can also NOT learn a skill by having characters cast it on each other.

    1.8. I heard Bizarro and Safer Sephiroth their HP are not fixed amounts. What's up?
    You heard correct:

    Bizarro Sephiroth's HP
    Main Body's Max HP = 40000 + 5000 * No. of Characters at L99
    + 60000 if Knights of Round was used on Jenova*SYNTHESIS
    Head's Max HP = 2000 + 250 * No. of Characters at L99
    Core's Max HP = 10000 + 1250 * No. of Characters at L99
    Right Mgc's Max HP = 4000 + 500 * No. of Characters at L99
    Left Mgc's Max HP = 4000 + 500 * No. of Characters at L99

    Safer Sephiroth's HP/stats
    80,000 Base HP
    +30,000 Max HP, 2 Att, 20 Def, 5 MAt, 16 MDf per character at L99
    +80,000 Max HP if you cast Knights of Round on Jenova*SYNTHESIS

    Minus 100 Current HP for every time you killed Bizarro Sephiroth's Head.

    Safer Sephiroth's MP can NOT be depleted.

    At maximum power, Safer*Sephiroth will have:
    400,000 Max HP, 246 Att, 260 Def, 140 MAt, 308 MDf
    Trying to get 1 woman will get you nothing, trying to get 10 women will get you 10.