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    For better or worse, a Board FAQ to answer several commonly asked questions, including about some things not found in FAQs, such as Overflow.

    And people, please. The FAQs and Walkthroughs are right at your fingertips. It's no trouble at all to check them. Fortunately for you this isn't 1997 (when you had to call a Hotline for a buck per minute to get some game info).

    Table of Contents:

    0. Will there be a remake of Final Fantasy 7?
    Answer: No. There won't be. Or to make this clear, Square-Enix has said that it would take about 300 people and 5 years (or so) to create a remake, and that they weren't interested in doing it. Petitions generally don't work. It's likely not going to happen, at least not within the next decade. Perhaps when we hit 2077, who knows. Classics often don't really need a remake, in my opinion.

    1. Several FAQs

    1.11. What is the best training spot in the game?
    1.12. How can I max my stats?
    1.13. And how can I max HP and MP?
    1.21. How can I get Elixirs for the Magic Pots?
    1.22. The Item Duplication Trick explained.
    1.3. Can I, and how do I exit the Crater?
    1.4. Ruby WEAPON doesn't appear. What's wrong?
    1.5. Ultimate WEAPON dissapeared on me. Where's it gone to?
    1.6. I can't learn a certain Limit Break, why?
    1.7. I can't learn this particular Enemy Skill. Why not?
    1.8. Bizarro and Safer Sephiroth their stats vary. What's up?
    1.10. What is the MDef bug?
    1.11. How do I score 5000+ points in the Speed Square?
    1.12. Can you clarify the love relations of the game a bit?
    1.13. What are the voices in Clouds head?
    1.14. What are all mandatory inns/healings?
    1.15. What are the date scenes that you can get in the Gold Saucer?
    1.16. Why can't I feed my Chocobo's?

    2. FAQs concerning Items and such
    2.1. How can I get these elusive Vagyrisk Claws?
    2.2. What are all locations of the Ribbons?
    2.3. What is the use of items like 1/35 Soldier?

    3. Making Gold and GP. Fast.
    3.1. How to make gold fast.
    3.2. How to make GP fast.

    4. What is Overflow?

    1. Several frequently asked minor questions.
    1.11. What is the best training spot in the game?
    It's the swamp area in the Northern Crater. You can go here only on Disc 3. You know where your party splits up for the first time? You go down, then take the lower right path again. It looks like a swamp area. You can encounter Magic Pots here, which will give you 8000 Exp, 1000 AP, and 8500 Gold for each Magic Pot. You will encounter these Magic Pots about 40% of the time. You can also encounter Movers (who will always come in pairs of 3). These little bouncing orbs give no Exp, but they do give 800 AP, and 30000 Gold each (which adds up to 2400 AP and 90000 Gold for a 'Mover' battle). Movers are a much rarer encounter, at only 6.25% of the time. So that's the best training area of the game.
    Trying to get 1 woman will get you nothing, trying to get 10 women will get you 10.