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Melodia 1 year ago#2
It's possible they couldn't make enough Blue Magic abilities work well or something, as they DO have some spells learned Blue Magic 'style' -- including two that can ONLY be learned that way.

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wpot 1 year ago#3
Given the mechanics of the game it wouldn't make much sense to have a Red Mage, either. Red Mage = Wizard with White Magic secondary, or vice versa. Combo units are already the norm.

That said, I suppose I could point out that Tactics Ogre (more or less the non-FF-themed beta version of FFT) had Rune Knights, which were units that were basically OK at everything (similar to Red Mages). I dislike units like that and they were, in truth, pretty lousy...except that they were oddly the most effective summoners in the game if you went through the trouble of leveling one up (which was painful as heck to do). However, in Tactics Ogre you couldn't use the skillset from one job while playing as another (FFT did that better) so it made more sense there.

Tactics Ogre did have Berserkers, which were basically strong attackers with particularly weak defense. They weren't great (frankly, none of the 'simple' physical attackers were good for long in that game).

They also had a bunch more magical options who specialized in other types of magic (often dark): Necromancer, Lich, Warlock, Wicce, Shaman, etc. Those more or less turned into the Time Mage, Oracle, and Mediator jobs. Overall, though, the jobs were very familiar. Oddly, Archers were overpowered.

As for Blue Mages, they didn't have anything like that...although they did have a body swiping mechanic and other strange ways to transfer abilities between people.
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ThinkSpec 1 year ago#4
Making a pseudo Red Mage is easy here, which is understandable why they did not feel the need to make one.

Yoi can use Wizard and pick either Equip Sword or Equip Shield (to keep the theme) and you have your Red Mage ready.

If you dont mind grinding. You can make an even broken combo using Geomancer paired with Math Skill with ability learned from both Black and White Magic. Or if you rather not, just pair Geomancy with White Magic to fit the theme.

Blue Magic could be handled differently but I believe the idea of Lv based magic has already been covered by our resident Math geek.
MysticLord 1 year ago#5
A mod with a Blue Mage needs to respec the monster stats and skills to make Blue magic work with both humans and monsters. There might be animations issues too.

Red Mage sort of exists in the Calculator, and in the ability to customize characters.
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Taterzz 1 year ago#6
don't a lot of the monster ability formulas use the monster's MA value for attacks, which is pretty ridiculously high? a blue mage would have been a fun class to see though.
MalcolmMasher 1 year ago#7
For what it's worth, FFT does allow you to learn some spells by being struck with them while in a specific class. Ultima and Zodiac are the most well known such abilities, since you're not permitted to purchase them normally, but a few high-end spells like Fire 4 have a chance to be learned "Blue Mage style", too.
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magikid 1 year ago#8
This game really has a lot of small experimental mechanics like that which are surprisingly developed for how little they make a difference overall. Just off the top of my head, there's:

  • Move-Find Item
  • Learning on hit
  • The way Reflect works
  • Spillover JP
  • Propositions in general
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wpot 1 year ago#9
^ Again, a fair amount of that dates back to Tactics Ogre. In Tactics Ogre you found stuff walking around on the grid, and if you equipped an ability you found...better stuff. It was all relatively useless, but that's where the idea came from.

Also, in the final dungeon of TO you opened paths to go further on by standing in front of sections of wall, which would open. That didn't work as well in FFT, because in FFT you can spin the map. Therefore, they came up with the odd idea of finding paths that led further on in the Deep Dungeon...by stepping on random floor tiles. TO did that one better (although not being able to spin the map stunk).

Spillover JP is also from TO. In TO you leveled jobs...NOT units, and those levels were the same for any unit that changed to the job. You could go from a lvl 50 Knight to a lvl 1 Archer simply by changing classes. Or a brand new unit could be a lvl 50 Knight. It allowed for new units to catch up more quickly, kinda (they wouldn't know any skills)...but it was weird. And slow.

Etc etc. Point being, Tactics Ogre was an intricate and complicated game before they ever converted it into FFT. (Although FFT was better designed overall) That's where a lot of the underlying complexity comes from. FFT actually added some (welcome) simplicity.
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megafierce 1 year ago#10
I assume there's no Red Mage because they never came up with a system to let you share the spells you learned across multiple jobs.

I have no idea why there isn't a Blue Mage. All they had to do was have monsters' casting animation be the same animation type as humans', keep monster MA close to human levels, and give monsters more MP (the AI won't use skills that cost MP if they don't have enough, even if monster skillsets don't use MP). There are sixteen monster families and sixteen action ability slots per skillset - there was PLENTY of room to give monsters good Blue Magic skills and to also give them some really powerful other skills that didn't just depend on "monsters have massive MA" if Square wanted.

Especially since magic doesn't really scale the same way physical attacks do (thanks to Weapon Power) - it's not as if giving monsters near-human MA would put them far behind a geared endgame mage.
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