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User Info: MysticLord

2 months ago#1
Tell me which class should get each reaction, support, and movement ability. Don't forget monsters!
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User Info: Bebop

2 months ago#2
I like the way they've been allocated just the way they are.

User Info: Ilishe

2 months ago#3
Knights should have Counter.
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User Info: Taterzz

2 months ago#4
monk should have blade grasp and samurai should have hamedo. to me it makes more sense for the person who spends their life strengthening their hands as weapons should be able to stop weapons, and the zen swordsman should be able to predict strikes coming his way.
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User Info: Stuflames

2 months ago#5
Taterzz posted...
monk should have blade grasp and samurai should have hamedo. to me it makes more sense for the person who spends their life strengthening their hands as weapons should be able to stop weapons, and the zen swordsman should be able to predict strikes coming his way.

Yeah, that's nice.

User Info: megafierce

2 months ago#6
Give Fly to Time Mages and Teleport to Ninja. Fly being so deeply gated when Teleport is so accessible is insane. Splitting the two between casters and melee, and putting the better one deeper in, makes the most sense.

Get rid of Weapon Guard and make use of the hack that automatically applies that effect. (Do not make Weapon Guard an innate skill, that doesn't work.)
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User Info: MysticLord

2 months ago#7
What about knights having weapon guard, and enemy monks equipping it? Even if you keep weapon guard, it should be on a class after monk to ensure AI uses it correctly.

That said, I agree it should be inherent to all human classes.

My picks...

PA and MA save should be on early classes, because those are the only time they could be useful. Same with Brave and Faith saves, which are useful before you access mediators or chpt. 2 Ramza. I would put them on squire and chemist.

The various equip x supports should be redone to be useful, and set to 0% learning because the AI is dumb.

Monster skill shouldn't exist as it currently does. Could be salvaged if it applied to all allied monsters regardless of range, or buffed them somehow the closer they are to the holder.

Defend should be inherent to all.

Counter Tackle could be very useful if it procured knockback 100%, even if it did no damage. I would keep it on the squire if it doesn't, or move it to a utility class like thief if it does. Monk would work too, but imo monk is more straight-forward and has better options.

Gained JP up belongs on the calculator or dancer/bard, as a reward. Or I would remove it entirely.

Move + 1 I'm not sure, it seems to good to belong to the Squire. Maybe the knight or archer?

Speed save... ehhhhhh, its too OP, too early. I'd move it to at least the thief, more likely the lancer or ninja.

Arrow guard also seems OP, if very conditional. Move it to at least the thief... or maybe not? I'm not sure.

Concentrate is way, way OP, especially this early. I would move it to the samurai.

Jump + 1 is fine here.

HP restore seems OP here, I would move it somewhere else. Probably geomancer.

Counter belongs on the knight, which lacks damage output.

Martial Arts is way OP given the PA^2 unarmed formula. It shouldn't exist, except maybe for samurai or ninja.

Move HP Up belongs on the Squire or Chemist. Ideally it would restore something like 2 to 5% max HP per move increment.

Caution is hilariously useless. Maybe put it on chemist? Might be a semi useful defense measure if you have no other options. Still, counter-protect/shell would be better.

Gilgame Heart is useless unless equipment costs are increased and post battle/proposition gil rewards are reduced.

Secret hunt doesn't matter.

Move + 2 belongs on the geomancer.

Jump + 2 belongs on the lancer.

Counter flood is fine.

Attack up seems ok.

Any ground I would put on a lower tier class, maybe archer.

Move on lava is totally irrelevant.

Dragon Spirit is fine.

Ignore Height I would move to a very high tier class, but I'm not sure which. Calculator, maybe? It matches the math theme, and could sometimes be useful for defense.

Jump + 3 shouldn't exist imo. Fly and ignore height are superior. If the move/jump+ abilities buffed damage or hit rate for ranged attacks or lancers jump, that would make them useful.

Fly is another tough one. Teleport is mostly superior because Teleport doesn't factor in height differences for it's failure rate. Fix that and fly, jump+, and ignore height become useful.

Auto potion is pretty darn OP, but where else could it belong? If you make Item innate-all, you could reasonably move it to mediator. Seems a bit much, though.

Throw item should imo buff healing from potions and ethers by 1.5 or 2 times, along with its current effects. Maybe increase the throw item range to 4 if you feel like a meany.

Maintenance belongs on the knight.

Equip change should be innate-all or not exist.

Move find item is fine, but thematically belongs on the thief.

Regenerator is fine.

Magic defend up is fine, if rather useless.
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User Info: MysticLord

2 months ago#8
Counter magic... I don't know, need to think about it. Seems awful OP, even if it rarely triggers.

Magic attack up is fantastically useful early game. Should be on the summoner.

Absorb used MP is actually really useful early on, when MP is scarce. Maybe put it on wizard or priest, and switch something out?

Defense up is useful with protect and hp restore. Kinda lame though. Maybe it belongs on the mediator, since I like giving utility classes semi-useful RSMs?

Any weather would be useful on a chemist, who often needs additional mobility in tough sutuations. If more battlefields had 3+ adjacent water squares that would help too. This applies to all the terrain RSMs. Unfortunately this negates weather damage and I think hit modifiers, but I'm not sure if it is target, attacker, or both. How this works out determines its usefulness, as do modifications to weather.

Move MP Up does too, to give early mages a means to restore a few mp for one ir two more cure or thunder spells. If all abilities cost mp, then it is universally useful.

Critical Quick can be useful... if you survive. Really not sure where it belongs though.

MP Switch seems like it belongs on a martial class. If all abilities cost mp, it is less op.

Short charge seems like it belongs right here.

Teleport is fine if you fix the jump oversight. Otherwise it goes to bard.

Float is fine. Does it let you move over lava?

Finger guard is fine, if pointless.

Train is fine, very conditional. Since it is tied to attack, shouldn't it be on a martial class?

Monster talk is fine, but I wish it increased rangebof talk skills too.

MP restore would be way more useful on an earlier class, given how often they get hit and run out of mp in chapters 1 and 2.

Half of MP is probably fine, but mages would benefit if it were available earlier. Move it to priest. If all abilities cost mp, it is even more useful and shouldn't be on priest.

Move/Jump +3 shouldn't exist.

Fly is kinda pointless, unless you fix teleport, increase map height variety, and have more unpassable terrain in maps. I guess it is fine.

I'll ramble about the other classes tommorow.
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User Info: MysticLord

2 months ago#9
Meatbone Slash is really dumb and pointless. I think I saw it triggered once. If critical hp was redefined as >= 1/4 max hp (I think it's 1/8) or 1/3, then this would be reasonable if highly conditional. Still not sure where it belongs.

Blade Grasp is crazy useful and OP. If it only applied to non-ranged standard attacks this would be reduced somewhat. Keep it on samurai.

Two hands... not sure.

Walk on water, seems like it belongs on an earlier class.

Sunken state is lame. Would be better as auto haste or something.

Abandon is lame, but could be better with various modifications.

Two swords obviously stays on ninja.

Move in water is lame. No point in having it and the other terrain movements.

Distribute goes to a class with healing options. Chemist, priest, and monk are best, especially monk.

Damage split is solid, probably belongs on an earlier class. Oracle?

Gained exp up, move jp/exp up: belong where they are.
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User Info: Kain_Demitri

2 months ago#10
I'm sorry but you want to shove the exp and jp up skills further from a starting class why? It actually makes more sense to do the opposite.
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