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User Info: Cicatriz_ESP

5 months ago#1
Hi everyone, I've just recently finished perfect game files for both FF VII and VIII (perfect by my standards). Now it's time for my most beloved game ever.

I've been studying the always tiresome topic of max stats and I've come across a mistake with letao's setup for Steiner in the combined with final equipment category.

Combined WITHOUT final equipment:
Optimal stats:50 Spirit, 79 Strength, 65 Magic, 27 Speed

Combined WITH final equipment:
Optimal stats:49 Spirit, 79 Strength, 65 Magic, 27 Speed

See? The point in spirit isn't traded for any other point. I think this is due to how the calculation is implemented in the program and the inherent lack of flexibility for Steiner's builds.

I wanted to point that out to people.

Also, by chosing the second approach (combined WITH final equipment), every character, besides Quina, who can't reach 48 spirit in a combined approach, trades 1 to 2 points in spirit for something else they gain (usually 1-2 points in str/mag, and, in Eiko's case, 1 point in speed), except for two characters:

Zidane loses a point in speed and gains one in each: strength and magic (an objectively good tradeoff)

And Dagger loses a point in strength and gains two in magic: the only character who'll be impacted negatively in the HP department when chosing a combined with final equipment approach instead of the regular approach. I thought this was worth noting for other people. I now Dagger benefits more from magic/MP, but I wanted my possible approach to stat maxing to come with no detriment in relation to the alternative.

Here's a setup that mantains the same combined total but doesn't lower her strength:

Character:DaggerStat priority:CombinedBase stats at Lv 1:17 Spirit, 23 Magic, 14 Strength, 21 SpeedStats limited to:48 Spirit, 87 Magic, 99 Strength, 50 SpeedOptimal stats:48 Spirit, 87 Magic, 59 Strength, 33 SpeedOptimal equipment setup:At any time:
Weapon: 98 Magic Racket
Head: 98 Holy Miter
Arms: 98 Magic Armlet
Body: 2 Minerva's Plate, 96 Robe of Lords
Addon: 31 Pearl Rouge, 40 Ribbon, 27 Dark Matter

I am still undecided on what path to chose and who to take on Tantarian's exp.
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User Info: wpot

5 months ago#2
I'd have to go back and check my files to see what I did, but I recalculated most of the with equipment stats and did it my own way. (IIRC I think I stopped at 49 Spirit for physical attackers and 48 for mages, but I could be wrong about that) Big picture, though, I didn't like the idea of wasted Spirit in the "without" equipment builds. I want everyone as strong as possible.

And with that mindset...I intentionally skipped Tantarian. I care more about the stats that get missed (even if negligible) than I do another pair of Running Shoes.

But you've probably already made up your mind...
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  3. There's a mistake with the combined stats with final equipment setup
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