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User Info: Fondantcookie

11 months ago#1

I played FF9 several times back in the PS1 days and absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately for me, being older now, I don't have the time to commit to playing a game through over and over.

As such, can anyone recommend a decent walkthrough/guide which will allow me to get all collectables/missables linked to trophies in my first run?

I don't feel so bad about using a guide as I've played it through at least 3 times in the past...

That way there is only the Excalibur II playthrough to deal with...

Cheers in advance :-)

User Info: Gurthawoe

11 months ago#2
I'm not sure about the trophies part, but atomos e2pg faq has a list with all treasures.
Edit: also good to remind that this is the psx board and this version had no trophies, so you may want to check the pc board, I guess

User Info: meanspirit90

11 months ago#3
Yes, I remember someone whine that one ATE require you to have very little gil and since at PSX that kind of ATE reward is equally meaningless (plus no way to track viewed ATE in any way) make many guide skip unimportant ATEs like that.
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