Excalibur 2 with 100% stealing?

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User Info: gMemo92

2 months ago#1
Is it even possible? I was looking at some of the playthroughs on youtube and most don't steal from the bosses. I know it's optional and i know that some of the items are simple items and can later be acquired elsewhere but woudn't a perfect game be a game where you steal all the bosses items?

Is it even possible? Cause i know for sure there are some that are hard. Like Hilgigars.

I mean i think hilgigars can take tons of minutes off the excalibur run.

I want to make another playthrough but i want 100% steal from all bosses. 100% chests, items and of course max stats. The jump rope game i will play it at the end.

Wonder if it's possible. Maybe it's too much with the stealing.

User Info: da0000000x

2 months ago#2
Extremely easy on the PS4 if you use the speed-up feature.

Still doable without that, I think, based on some of the times I've seen online. If people are able to do it on the PAL versions and some are able to do it without skipping scenes, I don't see why not.

It might require hours of resetting, since, for some bosses, multiple random factors would need to go just right for it to work out. Gizamaluke, Hilgigars, Tantarian, and Ark seem like they might be particularly difficult.

User Info: MysterPixel

2 months ago#3
It's definitely possible, you could get lucky and get it on the first steal attempt. You just need to keep resetting until you get an instance where you only spend a minute or two extra to get the steals, or however much extra time you have available in your time budget for Ex2.

It would be incredibly tedious and frustrating though because it's very unlikely to get these steals in the first couple of attempts.

but woudn't a perfect game be a game where you steal all the bosses items?

The save files of someone who stole from bosses and someone who didn't and just bought those items later on would be literally identical; the game doesn't record whether you stole from something or not. It would only be a point of pride for you to know you stole whenever possible.

User Info: meanspirit90

2 months ago#4
Also if you don't realize it already, most boss steals aren't unique anyway. You will obtain the equipments at another point later in the game.
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User Info: gMemo92

2 months ago#5
Seems like in the PS4 and Steam you get the stealing boosted if you do the 9999hp boost.

Didn't know that. That should help on the PS4 and steam versions. But yeah .. i don't want to use the 9999hp boost.

And on Playstation 1 version those options aren't available.

User Info: enricocos

2 months ago#6
If you want to steal everything bosses have and get the Excalibur 2, you can just save before the bosses and try to steal everything in just a few atempts. If it takes too long just reset and try again. If you are also at level 1, that could be a bit harder but still possible , I think.
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User Info: gMemo92

2 months ago#7
Is it possible to get the 1/256 item in your first try in a battle?

User Info: gMemo92

2 months ago#8
Ah never mind. Found out it was possible. I just stole Ice Staff from Gizmaluke. Saved right before fighting him. Reset if i didn't get it as a first item. I'm going to repeat that with any other rare item.

(Had some trouble with Black Waltz 1 and Sealion. It can take some time cause you only have Zidane)

User Info: Montie2k

2 months ago#9
Except that Ice Staff is a 16/256 steal item from Gizamaluke, not a 1/256.

Have fun with Mythril Sword, Demon's Mail, and Fairy Flute.
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User Info: gMemo92

2 months ago#10
Ah yes. I knew that. But i've had trouble in the past getting that staff as well. lol I'm going to do my next run. Right now at a Burmecia. Lets see how long it takes to get the Mythril Sword from beatrix at least now i'm finished now with Disc 1 with a good time for excalibur 2

So far i stole all the items from
-Prison Cage
-Baku (2nd fight)
-Plant Brain
-Black Waltz and Sealion - This was kinda of tricky cause you don't want to waste your trance while stealing.
-Black Waltz 2
-Black Waltz 3
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