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User Info: aspilanti84

5 years ago#1
"FFIX didn't sell well because it came at the very end of the original Playstation's life cycle": Why this doesn't make sense and why it really didn't sell well...

First let me get this out of the way, just incase anyone overreacts: I. Like. Final. Fantasy. IX. It's a great game, regardless of how much it sold. But this isn't an argument on the game's content.

"FFIX didn't sell well because it came at the very end of the original Playstation's life cycle" is a bad argument. You use it when you want to save face/explain why such a good great game sold poorly (relatively speaking, of course). But you're putting blame in the wrong place...

The argument is literally: "Between Final Fantasy IX and the new Playstation 2 release, people chose the PS2." That's literally the argument everyone makes when they 9 sold less because it came out on the tail-end of the PSX's life. But why? It's not like the PSX exploded/stopped working when the PS2 came out. You could've bought IX and played it on the PS2. X didn't even come out at the same time as IX, so wasn't a choice between Final Fantasy games. Yet, 9 sold less than 7, 8, or 10.

Wasn't FFIX (at $49.99) cheaper than a PS2 (at over $160)? I bought a FFIX before a PS2, because I really wanted to play FFIX before any of the titles on the PS2. You chose the titles of the PS2 over FFIX. And you thought they'd be better than FFIX to play. You'd only get a Playstation 2 with it's games and not FFIX if you no longer wanted...Final Fantasy IX.
So then, stop blaming the PS2 and take responsibility - OWN UP - to the fact that others (and maybe you) just weren't interested in it at the time.

I remember when X came out; we nostalg'd. For those of us who've played it, we looked back at IX as an OK game. It was nothing special, kinda underwhelming, but fun and up to par with FF standards. In fact, not many in the gaming world really thought much of it until they dug up the archives and found out Sakaguchi claimed it was his "favorite" (notice the quotation marks to a game that was - at the time - still only in development. Who knows what changed, "drones". /s). And he's the series' creator so...everyone showered it with love - overanalyzing, reading into and glorifying FFIX to Kefka-esque godhood. And to save face for poor sales (which shouldn't factor into a game's likability) everyone uses this argument, uncritically.

Kinda scary how group-think and hero-worship works, isn't it?

User Info: scorptatious

5 years ago#2
Why do you keep making these threads and why are posting the exact same threads on the FF-sub reddit?

I get that you don't think IX is as great a game as a lot of people say it is. That's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I just find it odd how you're so adamant about this kind of thing.

User Info: WingedMasamune

5 years ago#3
What on Gaia did I just read?
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User Info: KH99

5 years ago#4
Is this what passes for trolling on the boards these days? I'm not a frequent visitor anymore.
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

5 years ago#5
I feel like this thread was kind of a response to me.

Now, when FFIX first came out, I actually knew nothing of it. I had played Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy VII at the time (VIII was actually my very first RPG, I started out in the N64/PS1 era) but I had never seen FFIX advertised, heard anyone talk about it, or anything. The only way I found out about it was through a friend at school, who let me borrow his copy, and that was how I first got to play the game. So, I didn't choose a PS2 over FFIX. Though, when I think way back to then....Honestly, if I had seen it on store shelves, I might have passed it up. Seeing as I was used to the dark atmosphere of FFVII, and the more militaristic and sci-fi feel of FFVIII, FFIX's cartoony and cute look may indeed turned me away, since my experience with RPGs was very limited at the time and I may not have been prepared to try something that looked so different. Of course, this is probably not the case for most people, I feel like the PS1/N64 starters are kind of a minority. Also, I believe the "Passing FFIX up for the PS2 and FFX" arguement is logical, as these people may have simply wanted to save their money for something newer and better, possibly with the idea of returning to try FFIX at a later date. Though, I'm not sure exactly how long the gap was between FFIX's release and the PS2's release, if it's more than a full year than my argument does kinda fall apart (I really don't pay much attention to dates until I need to lol)

Jumping to a much later point in time, I actually considered FFIX my favorite FF game long before I ever heard Sakaguchi's statement about it. I also consider it much better than FFX, I wasn't even a huge fan of X when I first played it, though I didn't even get a PS2 until like 2006 or 2007, so it's not like I was one of the people sitting by and eagerly waiting for the PS2 and FFX to come out. If I had, and FFX was how I entered the next generation, then I probably would have come to be a fanboy of it myself.

So in the end, I like FFIX for my own reasons, though I'll admit one post I saw on here really opened up my eyes a couple years ago, and made me like it even more. It's what caused me to really look deeper into the game, and realize that it was all a story about life, and finding one's purpose in the world. While this is also present in some other RPGs, FFIX pretty much turns it into an underlying spectacle, and it's what ties pretty much everything together in the end: The importance, and meaning, of life. For the post that made me realize these things, check Grey_Jaeger's post here, but be warned of tremendous spoilers: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/197338-final-fantasy-ix/56117795 and yes, this post also makes me see the final boss as acceptable and in-line with the story. I know it's someone else's viewpoint, but I happen to like it a lot and accept it, not really as a "theory" but simply a point of view)

While you found most of the characters to be annoying, I find them to be some of the best in the series, mainly due to how they develop over the course of the game, as well as the dialogue and interaction between them. Yes, some of it is very silly, but it's comic relief, which is good to have in a game like this where the story and underlying themes are actually quite dark.

Of course, I too can be critical. I do believe more could have been done with some characters, like Freya, who's importance in the story was basically lost partway into disc 2, and of course we all wish more could have been done with Amarant. But nonetheless, I still find the characters to be some of the most likeable in the FF universe. Perhaps it's also because of the diversity of the characters, with half of them not even being human, that I find FFIX's cast to be the most enjoyable, and really helps bring the "fantasy" to the surface. It truly is a Final FANTASY through an through.
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User Info: WingedMasamune

5 years ago#6
I never heard of Final Fantasy (save for Final Fantasy Legends III) before I got IX. It came with my PSOne for my birthday. It was an impulse buy from my parents ironically enough that started my love for the series and this was on 2001 before I even knew anything beyond what a N64 or PS1 original console was. (Never owned anything prior except N64, though I had played SNES and GameBoy)
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User Info: gamemaster712

5 years ago#7
I found 9 while I was going through the used pile of Psone games from GS and it just caught my attention....

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User Info: Vir27

5 years ago#8
aspilanti84 posted...
So then, stop blaming the PS2 and take responsibility - OWN UP - to the fact that others (and maybe you) just weren't interested in it at the time.

You're bleeding confidence here, TC. When you were asserting that there existed two opinions, the Japanese and the American, you at least had the gall to make bald-faced accusations at us. Now you're playing that "everyone" makes "literally" one argument and maybe that applies to us, too? If you don't actually know the exact thought of every soul on Earth, at least have the decency to let us believe that you do.

User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
5 years ago#9
Pretending for the moment that this is a serious thread:

- I bought FFIX on or very soon after its release.
- I enjoyed the game immensely.
- The PS2 was over a year old when I got one.

Where does this put me?

Also, a question for the topic creator:
What did you think of Final Fantasy IX? You, personally. Not "everyone".... you.
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User Info: Disco_Spin

5 years ago#10
*eye roll*
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