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User Info: Moxy__o_O

6 years ago#11
Gee, I found this board because I'm one of the people who wrote a FAQ for THE GAME. Maybe you should play Disgaea and then you'll know why everybody but you thinks that these games are vastly different. Oh, and by the way, Picasso and Monet were both impressionist and both utilized bright colors, while their styles and subject matter were different both had a dreamlike or surreal quality, both painted outside, and so on.

User Info: TravelDemon

6 years ago#12
Moxy__o_O posted...
Precisely, although I think Picasso and Monet have more similarities... they are both French, they both were major innovators in the "modern" art movement, they both used the medium of oil on canvas, they both died dirt poor and unrecognized. And so on.

But really people, have I slept walked into a rabbit hole ?... The game Disgaea is so unlike Eternal Eyes that I won't waste your time listing them. Please, if your defense is that both games have dialogue then just give it up. The quote from Mark Twain comes to mind (and I will paraphrase)... "It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people guess what kind of idiot you are than to speak and to let people know."

Hmm, Monet was impressionist, not modern. Although, admittedly, impressionism was a forerunner of modernism, even though it's difficult it see similarities between things like Picasso's harsh, cubist style and impressionist painters very gentle styles...
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User Info: eidolon24

6 years ago#13
John_Dane posted...
eidolon24 posted...
It does have its similarities to Disgaea though. I can name 4!

1. Turn-based strategy system. It goes: Player's Turn, Enemy Turn, Player's Turn, etc... It's not speed based like FFT or TO.

2. Japanese style cartoon characters and opening. You know, those big eyed cartoon which are getting extremely popular lately.

3. The equipment is somewhat similar in the sense that you can equip multiple accessories of the same kind to puppets/monsters. Although in Disgaea's case, the humans can also equip lots of accessories.

4. Dialogue delivery has the same style: JRPGs.

You pretty much just described damn near every tactical JRPG to date though. That's like saying Picasso is the same as Monet because they're both painters.

You see my good man, *puts on monocle*, you must refine your tastes.

Topic says 'Doesn't look at all' and yet there are similarities. Granted, they are generic but there are still similarities. I just pointed out the really obvious ones (Although I guess there are no others).

Oh and since you said I should refine my tastes, could you give me some suggestions on good tactical RPGs? Top on my list are these: Tears to Tiara, Vandal Hearts 2, Gungnir, Saiyuki, and Fire Emblem. Are these any good or are there better?
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