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  3. I'm probably the only person who likes this game.

User Info: rpgplayer012

11 years ago#11
I love this game...too bad i lost it u_u
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User Info: Halteclere

11 years ago#12
I played. Maybe I wanted to see what inspired so much hatred. I found it, but also that it didn't apply to me.

User Info: SlicingMoon

11 years ago#13
I'm playing through this game for the 10th time. It happens to be one of my all time favorites and my only reason for owning a playstation.

You are not alone :D
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User Info: Khaos_Dragon89

11 years ago#14
Is it strange I rank this on my top ten favorite video games? XD

Also am I the only one who thinks Elena was adopted? I mean I know it was said her power hasn't awakened yet or something...But does that mean randomly her hair will turn white and her eyes will turn red? I'd love to see her reaction lol.
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User Info: Tom007

11 years ago#15
I'm getting this. Don't have many games for the PS1 and I can't afford a PS2 yet. Life on a budget, yeehaw. This game looks interesting so I figure I might as well put an order out for it.
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User Info: thicknick

11 years ago#16

i think i'll like it

i'm getting it. wish me luck.

User Info: blanco_rapper

11 years ago#17
I like this topic, shall be bumped.
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User Info: jigglyweigel

11 years ago#18
Moar Eternal Eyes love.

User Info: Dr_Nusakan

11 years ago#19
I drew a fanart of Mouse once. XD I could give the link if anyone's interested.

User Info: warpstarkirby

11 years ago#20
This game is the god of bargain bin gaming. Available starting at 4 bucks on amazon, as low as 1 (+s&h) on ebay, simplistic plot and surprisingly interesting character leveling system. I like this game, I just don't really like the controls, as well as the lack of an ability to turn the camera so it's not looking at an angle during battle.
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  3. I'm probably the only person who likes this game.
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