Any game as good as this?

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User Info: Hazzerz

8 years ago#11

Like others have said, Grandia and Grandia 2 are most certainly worth your time. I'm more partial to the original Grandia though, it's characters and story are just... ugh, damn near perfect. The whole game is just without equal. Well, except for Skies of course.

User Info: Vyse-the-Legend

8 years ago#12
Check out my sig.

THis is my favorite RPG of all time. I think it has the best story of any game ever made and it is simply incredible with its battle system. I actually have the Gamecube version, so there are less random battles and a ton more extras. I think that Pokemon G/S/C, Chrono Trigger, and Tales of Symphonia put up a good fight. I have never played a final fantasy game in my life so I don't want to say anything good or bad about them.
Top 10: 1) SM64, 2) OoT, 3) Halo, 4) Skies of Arcadia, 5) Majoras Mask 6) RE4 7) Wind Waker 8) Poke:G/S/C 9) Chrono Trigger 10) SSBB

User Info: savory_snax

8 years ago#13
Agreed on Grandia 1&2, Phantasy Star series, and 16-bit FF. Those were great games. I liked, though not loved, FF7,9 and 10 also.

Sounds like I should get a GC controller and check out Tales of Symphonia sometime. Surprised the other Tales games aren't often recommended, so I guess I'll skip them.

I also hear Shadow Hearts 2 is good.
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User Info: Mello_Fox

8 years ago#14
Lufia & The Fortress of Doom for SNES
Final Fantasy 3 for SNES
Chrono Trigger for SNES
Blue Dragon on 360 is also really good and really underrated. The job/class system is addicting as hell.
Final Fantasy VII obviously, VIII is okay, IX is good, X is pretty good, XII I didn't like.

Persona 3 and 4 get a lot of praise. I tried Persona 3 : FES and couldn't get into it. I'll try it again at a later time though.

User Info: qwangalanglang

8 years ago#15
Are you looking for just JRPG's, TC? Morrowind, KOTOR, Mass Effect, Fallout, Baldur's Gate just to name a few sublime WRPG's. In the case of JRPGS, play Lufia 2 - Rise of the Sinistrals if you haven't. There's something so compelling about that game.
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User Info: teeebz

8 years ago#16
Skies of arcadia (DC)
Tales of symphonia (GC)
Tales of vesperia (360)
FF7 (PS1)
FF8 (PS1)
Chrono trigger (SNES)
Chrono cross (PS2)

Are my favorite rpg's and possibly favorite games of all time

User Info: XxGhaleonxX

8 years ago#17
Lunar 1 & 2.
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User Info: savory_snax

8 years ago#18
Thanks for all the posts. Most of the games you mentioned are great. I meant a game as good as Skies released since Skies came out. I've played most of the old stuff you mentioned with a few exceptions.

Qwang: I appreciate American RPGs but prefer JRPGs. I may still go back and complete Fallout 3 though.

I guess I just like turn based RPG's. For example, FFXII is the first FF I have no desire to finish. DQVIII was gold by the way.
"In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe." - Radiohead

User Info: talesotafan

8 years ago#19
No love for Tales of the Abyss? :(

User Info: savory_snax

8 years ago#20
Never played much Tales games. Is it turn based like Grandia and DQ or real time?
"In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the Universe." - Radiohead
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