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User Info: Vermillion612

6 years ago#1
Still liking it....not sure what the purpose of saving after the end other than your high score. I mean it saves the items you've seen through playthroughs but not sure why it matters or to what purpose.

MartinIIIa, this isn't the most expensive saturn game. I think Panzer Dragoon Saga is at 300+ dollars (which i do own...i bought it at Toys R' Us back in the day when it was first released...box, instruction manual and all 4 discs still in extremely good condition).

Most of the games i got back in the day that turned out valuable are on my saturn...very few others i have that are on other systems.

I remember when i got Dragon Force it was the very lasy copy that Toys R Us had...i lucked out on that one.
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