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  3. Man, I loved this version of the game growing up.

User Info: Aries42088

11 months ago#1
I remember wasting countless hours playing through duke matches and co op with friends of mine during sleepovers and we had all kinds of fun.

I got to play through Duke 3d much later and that was a treat as well.

Now I'm playing through the Megaton Edition since Ion Fury came out and that's even more of a blast.

Really, this game in nearly all its forms is amazing.

Hard to beat split screen co op and death match I tell you h-what.
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User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
9 months ago#2
DN64 is my favourite version of the all time classic Duke Nukem 3D, too. I really like being able to save the babes (why wasn't this in the original game? It's the sort of thing you'd expect Duke to do, surely?). Some of the other changes from DN3D to DN64 are great too, though some are for the worse (why are there no stars in space in DN64's levels?).

By the way, have you played Blood (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLgUAb88QVE&t=110s)? It's another game in the Build engine, and it's *really* good - imagine DN3D but with a horror theme instead of science fiction. If you buy do get it, though, you'll probably want to use a fan-made game engine, either BuildGDX (https://m210.duke4.net/index.php/downloads/download/8-java/53-buildgdx) or NBlood

(the following link for NBlood is too long for this forum to show, so to access the link, copy this line:

https://forums.duke4.net/topic/10456-release-nblood-blood- port-based-on-eduke32

then past it into your browser's address box, then delete the space between the two words 'blood' and 'port', so 'blood- port-based-on-eduke32' becomes


) as they improve the game via better mouse control, higher resolutions, etc.

The only other Build game that I've played is Shadow Warrior 3D (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZWXsIlaT5k) which is a good game too, though I prefer DN3D and Blood to it. I do have Ion Fury, but I've not gotten around to playing it yet, due to real life... Powerslave (also called Exhumed) is another Build game that's supposed to be quite good, but apparently the console versions are better (here's a comparison video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCsO8O4W4Fw&t=3s)

There's also a modern (well, 2013) reboot of Shadow Warrior, but I've not played that, and a sequel to Blood, called Blood 2 (duh!) which I didn't like at all. And as you're no doubt aware, there was the very boring, sub-mediocre Duke Nukem: Forever (if you've not played it, then don't, it's awful).
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(edited 9 months ago)

User Info: xexyz5011

6 months ago#3
This game was pretty much always my go-to whenever I had friends over growing up. The N64 was (is) the best console for local multiplayer! I still need to do a proper cheat-less 100% playthrough of single player, though. Damn I'm Good is quite a bit easier in this version since you can kick the bodies of dead enemies.

I wish I got the Megaton Edition when it was still available. I used to play Duke Carribean back in the day and I want to play it again so bad, lol. I have the 20th Anniversary version on Steam, which has the (pretty good actually) 5th episode, but no add-ons. That edition isn't worth its $30 price tag, though, not by a long shot.

@Kerr_Avon The stars not showing up in DN64's space levels is because of a glitch:

Here and now!
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  3. Man, I loved this version of the game growing up.
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