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User Info: Rick L

Rick L
10 years ago#21
Another post.

I just lurk nowadays.
Rick L = Joke Account?

User Info: GoatEclipse

10 years ago#22
Tf2 with the Orange Box: The cake is a SPY!
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User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
10 years ago#23
Duke Nukem 3D is a superb game, and the N64 version is even better, to my mind. Recently I've been playing both Shadow Warrior and Blood, two later games on the same(ish) engine, and both very good, but I still prefer the sci-fi setting of DN to their settings of (respectively) martial arts crusade, and horror. Sadly Shadow Warrior and Blood and both PC only, but Shadow Warrior (and Duke Nuke 3D) are both sort of on the XBox 1 now, since 3D Realms, who made the games, released the source code to the games, but the XBox needs to be modded, and you need the original game's CD for the data files).

I wish that Shadow Warrior and Blood had been converted to the N64, though Blood at least would probably have offended Nintendo's censors too much.

>I know there are some lost cheats (the third-person mode being one), but I wonder if there are any lost levels left in the source code?

Do you mean the source code to the PC or N64 versions? If the latter, I didn't even know it was released, though I wish the source code to all games was available, of course.

>>That glitch topic really was a fantastic read. I'm ashamed I didn't have anything to contribute to it!

>Though I've seen some VERY interesting tricks from watching the latest TAS of this game...

Yes, the glitches were very interesting, but what is a TAS?

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