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User Info: ultrazacky

2 years ago#1
Hey so I have a question for anybody who might know the answer. So I know that there are a few armors in this game that cause healing after a round.

However I have Gabo gaining healing and as far as I can tell he doesnt have any equipment on him that gives healing.

So far he has the Dragon Knuckle, Water Armor, Kitten Shield, Wind Helm and Wind Charm. He also has all classes mastered and he is currently in Hero Class.

Does anybody know what could be causing this auto heal on Gabo? I cannot figure it out.
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User Info: behindtheword

2 years ago#2
Hero class.
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User Info: thunderbird006

2 years ago#3
Sacred Armour is the only Armour that auto heals.

Hero class is the only class that auto heals. But you have to be in that class currently to receive it.

There are a few items as you know that can heal your HP. You should know them.. But they are heal shield,wonder rock, bless staff, sage staff, and sage's rock/stone. All of which can heal you WHEN USED AS ITEMS, but NOT AUTO HEAL YOU.
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