Adventure of Generic: Guard, may I? *spoilers*

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User Info: retrotrinity

2 years ago#1
Fast forward to Litorud.

Litorud is stuck in a perpetual loop where it repeats the same day over and over again, which is obvious even to Gabo. Gabo offered to try to solve the problem by barking, howling, and/or summoning wolves in some other fashion, but Generic had to break it to him that this problem seems to be one of the few that Gabo can't fix that way. Gabo then mentioned that, some day, he may learn how to summon bunches of SHEEP (or perhaps other herbivorous herd animals) which might do a better job of fixing the problem.

Generic and Miralda nodded, smiled, and ignored the suggestion. Silly shepherd.

Generic quickly came to the conclusion that the suspiciously locked clock tower in the north part of town might be somehow-implicated in the town's crisis. No matter how hard he tried, though, he couldn't get the tower's architect-and-supreme-jerkoff Baloch to even discuss the matter. So he took it upon himself to search for the key . . . you know, in places. Like in the statue that some clumsy thug keeps breaking repeatedly, or in the mansion, or in other places/things that Baloch built. No luck. Then, after talking to some guard at the bridge that Baloch also built, Baloch FINALLY decided it was worth his time to give Generic a key. It was like Baloch was waiting for Generic to talk to that one guard (and nobody else) before giving Generic the time of day. Does Baloch have spies? Is he psychic? Was he waiting for the guard's permission before discussing such a sensitive topic with Generic? What's going on here, really? Time loops seem to be the least of Litorud's problems.

Worse, people running bars are getting awfully cheeky about Generic n' Friends being in places that serve alcohol. How will Generic ever achieve "Drunken Con Man" status like his Uncle if bartenders keep denying him his legacy? Oh sure, they'll sell axes; spears; and swords to these kids, but not a fifth of vodka.
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