Gracos - am I screwed?

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User Info: ploodie

2 years ago#1
So I haven't been upgrading my equipment, saving my money for whenever I got to the point that I couldn't keep up in battle anymore. Didn't realize that getting to the Graco area became a dead end, and now I am seemingly cut off from any shops to upgrade armor and weapons!

So my question is, should I got back three hours to my last save, or just keep trying? Here's what I've got...

Hero - lvl21- Mastered Warrior learning Mage (lvl4
Pixy Sword
Silver Armor
Iron Shield
Iron Mask
STR Ring

Maribel-Lvl21 - Mastered Mage learning Cleric (lvl4)
Leather Whip
Silk Robe
Tray Shield
Bunny Tiara

Gabo - Lvl20 - Mastered Mariner learning Fighter (lvl 6)
Blade Boomerang
Glam Armor
Kitten Shield
Captain Hat

I've got Hero with SwordDanc
I've got Maribel usually spamming BOOM
I've got Gabo usually spamming HOWL or just using him as support with the Blessed staff

I just have NO idea how much HP this guy has and if I'm even getting close to downing him. I lose Hero pretty quickly because his HP is just at 100.
Oh God, it's me!

User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#2
I say load the 3 + hour back up save file after all at the time I fought this boss (at level 28 to 30) I already had the hero class mastered via Cleric + Fighter + Warrior + Paladin + Dragoon + Godhand ALL mastered.

I unlocked Godhand itself master Paladin + Dragoon by the time you fight the 4x Bandits south of dharma in the present.

Besides those levels are a little low after all the region your at TC has a level cap of 32 so by the time those 3 party members go from level 19 to like level 28 to 30 its still possible to have Hero mastered via the Godhand job and master Sage as well by the time you hit level 32 by all 3 party members.

Then from every boss fight in game starting with this one use 3x Ultra hit and Gracos doesn't have more then 1500 to 2000 HP so 3 Ultra hits via Godhand at master level will beat both it and the optional Gracos V boss in 1 turn

User Info: ploodie

2 years ago#3
Holy!! I did it!!

Just kept at it - had to use Time Sand to restart and a WorldLeaf… but I friggin did it!!

Nothing is as exhilarating as beating a hard boss when you are way outclassed!
Oh God, it's me!

User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#4
i'd rather be overpowered and overleveled then be at low lvs and no intermediate jobs mastered at this point in game.

User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#5
As for World Leaves you can only have "2" of them at this point and the bosses you fight to unlock the jobs can be so hard to kill level 12 to 14) that I had to use BOTH of those revive items to unlock the jobs.

Hence theirs no way I'd fight Gracos at any level below 28 and not have Hero/Sage both mastered by x3 party members + 3x level 5 Shepherds for 3x Whistle/Heal/Antidote users.

User Info: gamemaster712

2 years ago#6
Funny I can't even remember how I beat most of the bosses...
Just grinded like a lunatic and played by old school RPG tactics.
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