How important is class leveling?

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User Info: behindtheword

2 years ago#61
ploodie posted...
Not that I particularly care, but why did my board suddenly become a survey of the entire Final Fantasy series?

Also, stopping at 9 would rob them of the best game in the series… FFXII

Much agreed ploodie. 12 is easily my favourite as well.

My apologies for overtaking your topic, but after a question from StarryKnight, within this topic, concerning my position on the FF series, given I spend more time on Dragon Quest boards, I deigned to answer. Afterall, if I made a topic specific to Final Fantasy, it would be deleted, but in derailing, in part, a topic existing on this board, it is not generally classified or deemed off-topic, more like...divergent thread discussion. Anyway, I've never seen mods go after posters for posting off-topic anything within a topic, unless that be, I guess spam, or a request for money, shameless plug for something extracurricular in terms of gamefaqs, like a new website, etc.
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User Info: StarryKnights

2 years ago#62
I don't care about the games in the series beyond 9.
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User Info: behindtheword

2 years ago#63
I rather enjoyed 10. Though I'm not keen on the story or characters, the gameplay is amazing, and offers a tremendous amount of replay and continuous play value. The customization of equipment offers a lot of versatility, in much the same vein as the relic system, only more stackable options and thus even more specialization options, or simply granting versatility and maverick status to any one character. Plus it's fun to craft specific weapons for particular arena bosses.

Then there's rebuilding the entire sphere grid to increase stats into the 99,999 HP, 9,999MP, and 999 stat ranges. Along with some of the insanely difficult mini-games. Oh dear Lightning dodging is not fun, but I love how it's a repetition of the Jump Rope mini-game in FF9. Alterations in tempo really force heightened concentration. Great for hand-eye-coordination in relation to speed. It can be frustrating, but once the pattern is learned, it begins to become fun.

FF11...genius story crafting, and some of the best creation systems in the MMO world. Not to mention party mechanics and the combo system allow for taking on enemies even 30 levels above the party, it just takes precision and timing. Then knowing when to pull, when not to, how many, when to use an aggro increase skill, how to coordinate with your puller for provoke versus magic (since Magic just sucks up aggression, especially healing Magic). Definitely some intriguing takes on equipment stacking that WoW eventually copied, though WoW took it to a whole new level, forcing all stats to become equipment dependent, whereas for FF11, they remained a very noticeable boost, but were never a necessary element to even deal damage. Naked, in FF11, it's quite possible to dominate if one knows the battle system and has excellent timing. In WoW, naked is death now, as natural stats just don't cut it, then gain, FF11 is about exponential gains and increased returns, WoW is all about diminishing returns. Meaning higher stats are more rewarding in FF11, in WoW, they're necessary but the gains become smaller and smaller and the reward so little, one has to hope for one of the uber equipment to pop up in a boss fight. I also prefer the quest system in FF11 to WoW, where, while not as streamlined and easy to access, are more story oriented, and feel as though they're part of a grander world and plan. Much the same way FF12 treats quests. In WoW, maybe 10% are story oriented, the rest are built around gathering for better equipment, materials for crafting, or just EXP farming, given Quests give considerable EXP gains.

I could go on, and on, and on. I'll deal with FF9 and 12 later. 13 I'll skip, because it's 13, and for all the positive and fun elements of the game, most of them are simply double edged swords that cut as they clean. However I WILL mention that the story to FF13-2 is superior in every way to the half-baked rehash of FF7 that is FF13 (down to copied and reworked characters). FF13-2 just suffers the fate of continuing the same tired battle system and equipment/farming system of 13. However, Lightning Returns is a fantastic game that suffers for its relation to the other two. Solid story (13-2's is better), solid character development, but it stands apart due to its gameplay, which is a massive upgrade from FF: Crisis Core, fixing all broken and unrefined elements, improving the hitbox, improving ranged attacks, spells are more useful, and boss battles that much more epic.
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User Info: behindtheword

2 years ago#64
Oh right. For music. 11 is SUPERB. 13 is also fantastic, and I feel bad the engaging soundtrack was wasted on such a lackluster title.

It isn't so much that 13 is a bad game, it isn't, it's that 13 is a simplistic rendition of a better concept, FF7 (yes, conceptually, FF7 is a great game, and I have to hand it to the creators for attempting so many good ideas, whether they really fit or not, and forcing them together with glue, but those concepts and ideas are brilliant). 13 suffers mostly because it carried the title of Final Fantasy, and with it come certain expectations, such as the lack of feeling confined to a strict linear path, even if the storyline is truly linear, FF games tend to create the illusion of non-linearity. FF13 dispels any sense such an illusion can exist, and the only "non-linear" part is simply a larger world map, with actual side-roads to explore. An illusion of a hologram of non-linear gameplay. The lack of towns, of actual NPCs to speak to, of consistency, of a place to return to, is all cast aside, with limitations on just what is accessible once the game finally opens up, just before the final boss battle. Not even the final dungeon, but the actual final boss. One step at a crucial point, just outside the room with said battle, and the game triggers the no-return flag. Otherwise, only three sections are still available, the illusory plain of open-world, the area before the final dungeon, and the final dungeon itself. Nevermind that the battle system is designed to be super fast to force players to focus on tactics, rather than absorb the fact they have no real control at all, except for limited control of the party leader. Even then tactics are based on pre-conceived formations based on specific class choices already crafted. Fail to work that system, and the in-game battles often shut down if the party members are stuck in ineffective classes for a particular area/monster/boss. So they continue creating an illusion to force the player to forget they're not actually having fun, as they have no real control, by keeping their minds preoccupied with the constant action, shifting camera, and light show on the screen.

The number of problems inherent in the game are almost too numerous to continue with and contemplate. So I'll stop here.

If it were called something else, like Final Fantasy Gaiden: Lighting's Quest, or something like that, maybe it would welcome a 7/10 from me, for being innovative and crafty with a linear and rigidly fixed system.
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User Info: ploodie

2 years ago#65
behindtheword posted...

My apologies for overtaking your topic.

Don't even worry about it.

I very much enjoyed my time with FF13 - whether or not it is a classic in the series I don't really know. I just know that for the duration of playing it, I enjoyed the beauty of it and thought the story was one of the better and more concise ones for the franchise.

I'm not sure why FF12 is my fave - maybe because it was such a departure - but I'm hoping to play it again soon…

… if I can EVER finish DQ7 ..!!!

Oh God, it's me!

User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#66
Well it IS a long game only if you master all jobs + hybrid skills + 1 party member mastering the fixed hearts for 1 Magic Burst user + 1 mastering Platking + hitting level 60 ot 70 end of game and I started the 2nd post game bonus dungeon at like 95 to 100 hours.

OVER half of those hours is from job grinding on Disc 1 alone which took me 45 to 50 hours to end.

User Info: gamemaster712

2 years ago#67
One time I wondered if I could ever get to the bonus dungeons.....
Then I finally found enough of those mini metals....

Finishing 7 was like saying goodbye to an old friend in some senses.....

Suck it orgodemir!!!!
I gots the stampedes!!!
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User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#68
. Stampede is OK but its still better to use 3 to 4x Ultra hit uses every turn for more damage mostly because Ultra hit never misses, Stampede and the fighers Punch skill can miss just as often as Evil Slash does hence its best to use move that never miss at all.

So in the final battle 3x Ultra hit users (Sage job level 55) + the 4th user using the Paladin's Guardian Ability after turning it all 110 tiny medals to unlock the Platking job AND with that job at master level using Guardian every turn the boss has only 2 "attacks" that can hurt you.

But as long as you have the Platking user use Guardian ever turn with 3x party members using Ultra hits by the time their 3x 300 to 400 MP hits under 150 the battle should end then and while its 3rd form DOES know Mega Magic when the Platking user is the only one hit by it instead of having it be a instant kill it will do no damage instead.

Yes tiny Medals 106 to 110 CAN all be gotten (before the last fight starts)

User Info: TalesOfStarOcea

2 years ago#69
These caps are way too low for me. I'm not gonna likely have any class mastered (outside of maybe Gabo mastering a few) until the very end of what would be disc 1 (playing the 3DS version). Maybe if I did the online spot pass and got some good stone slabs I could rank my classes, but my question is; Does Melvin join at a fixed level, or level relative? If he joins at a low fixed level, at least I can make him max a few classes x:

User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#70
For the 3DS version job grinding is even easier the first 3 party members <spoiler< PRE Melvin joining can master all the human jobs by level 20 to 21 (from level 16) simply kill the weakest slimes in game via the first fixed new lithograph dungeon from elvel 16 to level 20.

Because Melvin himself joins only at level 19 he can use the same slime forest to master nearly all the human jobs as well before he gains 2 levels and can't use that forest anymore.

That and the tower he joins at has a level cap of 30 (instead of level 35) but if nobody is at levels over 20 its best to use the new slime forest FIRST for all those job levels.

Aria herself joins at level 21 so she can't use the slime forest for "easy" job levels and barely any exp howeve by the time she joins even on the PS1 version you will have access to area's where Jobs still count at level 99.

Heck on the PS1 version I had Hero job mastered via Godhand on Hero/Gabo/Maribel ALL way before Melvin joins the party while having access to a level 1 Sage and Teen Idol Class and once those 2 jobs are mastered Summoner will unlock.
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