How important is class leveling?

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User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#31
For me I played more total FF games in english then I did for the entire Dragon quest games.

User Info: StarryKnights

2 years ago#32
It's strange. Talking TO Vegh results in him ignoring you. Talking as if Vegh doesn't even exist in the topic is what makes him interact.
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." ~ Leonard Nimoy

User Info: behindtheword

2 years ago#33
StarryKnights posted...
What's your opinion of the Final Fantasy series as a whole? I have my doubts you enjoy it like you do the Dragon Quest series, but I'm curious.

That's a loaded and general question.

I'll try to keep this short. Each game I tend to look at differently, and distinctly. My three favourite games of all time are, Dragon Quest 7, Final Fantasy 12, and Resident Evil 4. In that order. Everything else alters and shifts depending on my mood, desire for it, experience, memory, and whether I've replayed it recently or not. The top three though, have not changed since I played RE4, where I cemented these three as my pinnacle games that I hope will be overtaken sometime.

As a series, I appreciate the attempt to alter each Final Fantasy game. Attempt a new battle system, or new core elements that affect the flow of battle and the function of each character, or the party as a whole, depending on my choices in character growth and equipment. Some systems I prefer to others.

FF1 -> Simple, basic, fun. I replay this game at least once a year, sometimes ten times a year. Various choices to pick each time. I do not enjoy Dragon Quest 1, but I thoroughly enjoy Final Fantasy 1. I am saddened by how easy the remakes have become, though being able to get through a full game in a little under 5 hours is rather nice.

FF2 -> I enjoy the Romancing SaGa series, and I'm one of the few who appreciates what was being attempted with this game in terms of character growth. A little attempt at realism never hurt, my only issue being the time it takes to gain stat points, and the random factor makes this a little too time consuming. Being able to trigger different reactions by asking or pointing out various keywords is a nice touch, though it's a fickle system where it's easy to miss elements by not holding onto/remembering distinct words. I do like the focus on the story, and the concept of battling an overwhelming Imperial force. It's a nice change of pace that sets the tone for FF4, 5, and 6. To some degree 7, as Emperor/CEO can be interchanged, given the type of power is little different, and the way the entity is run depends on the individual in charge.

FF3 -> Given I love class systems, one would think I would thoroughly enjoy this game. I don't. I can't help but feel there's something missing. The class system implementation is good. The inherent abilities are a nice touch, and expand on what DQ3 was trying to do, only without the ability to carry anything over. Each class is self-contained, and the time it takes to master, or hit any level of noticeable mastery can be abominably slow and tedius. It makes FF2's stat maxing seem short, sweet, and easy going by comparison, for similar gains. I DO enjoy the challenge however, especially the final section of the game. That is a nightmare to crawl through, and while I would have liked a save point prior, or a quick exit, the intimidation factor really brings to light why the Darkness is so...profoundly powerful.

FF4 -> Love this game. I've probably played it 100+x on the SNES. I always envisioned myself to be like Cecil. Rosa, today, is sadly mistaken for some weak hussy, but this is hardly the case. My guess is from people who have no concept as to what real love is. Guch knows character...real character. Much like Tolkien did, only on a lesser level. While the display is limited in showcasing all the necessary elements that define Cecil + Rosa, it is clear that he is weak without her, and she feels a need to be by his side. Each protecting the other, and keeping the other strong and resolute in their quest. Kain makes for a fantastic adversarial friendship. He allows himself to be manipulated, because he lacks the personal and internal fortitude that comes so naturally to Cecil. I'm going to stop here, I'll try to remember to get back to this later.
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User Info: StarryKnights

2 years ago#34
Loaded? Sure. Amusing? Very.

With the exceptions of 2, 3, and 5, I like the original 9 entries. IV, VII, and IX are my favorites. Which one stands atop the pile of bodies depends on which I'm playing at the moment. Each has a large number of strengths, and importantly, fairly well constructed battle systems.

I prefer the remakes of 1, myself. More content, more bosses, moar pixels. The original was too broken, grindy, and difficult to be fun.

Stat grinding is just grinding minus a numerical goal to shoot for, so 2 is on my bad list. 3 has something one could consider a class system, surrounded by a grinding tumor. 5 is the finest purposefully terrible video game ever made, carefully structured from top to bottom to be devoid of fun. It is as if an artist spent a lifetime crafting something that exemplified every quality man looks for in art, then spent another removing them, one by one, until there was nothing left but a profound ugliness that blinded instantly. And gave you herpes. Eye herpes.

Where can you even begin with Final Fantasy V? Story? Music? Pacing? Class system? Balancing? Character motivations? Dungeon design? Missables? Bosses? Items? Skillsets? Grinding? I've tried, Behindtheword. I've spent years trying. I have half a dozen writes-ups describing the willful tragedy of FFV. Over 100 KB just describing its sinister heart. But then I replay the game, to take from the well of despair, and all I have written loses meaning as I better understand the depth of FFV's contempt for joy.

Half a dozen times the sheer depravity and cruelty of this game has amazed me to silence.

It's not a failure of a game, no. The crime here is that it's too good. Too perfect at its goals. It's truly profound, even beautiful in its ugliness. The last thing I'll ever see, this profound ugliness...
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." ~ Leonard Nimoy

User Info: gamemaster712

2 years ago#35
FF 6 & 9 best ever imo.
I still prefer DQ more and breaking the game early in V had me laughing all the way.
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User Info: StarryKnights

2 years ago#36
9 is certainly the most internally consistent game in the series. Kuja was a villain who, while you wanted to beat him quite soundly, you just sorta felt sorry for near the end. And the soundtrack...

What is this strange feeling in my chest? A warmth that is both strange and oddly familiar. Oh God, do I have rabies again?
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." ~ Leonard Nimoy

User Info: ploodie

2 years ago#37
I gather that Vegh is infamous on these boards - what's his deal?
Oh God, it's me!

User Info: j mcdermid

j mcdermid
2 years ago#38
Vegh latches on to a (usually wildly inefficient) tactic, and then babbles on about it non stop.

It can't be reasoned with or negotiated with. The best thing to do is point out to the unaware how full of s*** it is, and then make fun of it.

User Info: VeghEsther

2 years ago#39
Well because In Dragon Warrior 7 I mastered all 26 Human jobs x5 party members ASAP THEN mastered all those combo skills like Sword dance etc after all the human jobs are mastered first and by then I easily hit levels over 45 for the human job mastery and still hit level 55 to 60+ by the time I had all 5 learn all those combo skills.

Since for the last 2 party members in this one (hybrid skill wise) I fought all those battles via a area where Metal King Slimes show up.

So basically I used Ultra hit non stop in boss battles like 1 Region after jobs are usable as in the boss inside the evil statue I had Godhand mastered by hero/gabo/maribel and since it does about 200 more HP in damage then DQ's6's Gigaslash I only used 3 to 4 Ultra hit users per turn in boss fights even after mastering all the human jobs + combo skills x5 party members.

Yes Gigaslash from DQ6 DS does exist in DW 7 ON the same job as Ultra hit via Godhand at level 6 for Giga slash Ultra hit is gained 2 job class levels later and like DQ6 to easily be faster speed wise then the last/post game boss I had to master every human job + hybrid skill to easily hit level 55+ in the process.

Yes the post game boss is also one that needs to be offed in the same under 20 turns as well

Also for DQ6 DS I did the same thing mastered all jobs ASAP x8 party members save for 1 job and that's because that 1 job is limited in how you unlock it.

User Info: j mcdermid

j mcdermid
2 years ago#40
^ Case in point.
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