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User Info: Ragn_Charran

13 years ago#11

Is anything in the game permanently missable?

Yes. They are:

Several TinyMedals (Note: This list may be incomplete):
- One in the Deja Camp (first campsite; past)
- One in the Evil Statue (Dune; past)
- One in the Temporal Vortex (Litorud; past)
- Three in the Sunken City (Great Flood; past)
- One in the Darkcloud Maze (Gorges; past)
- One in the Immigrant Town (15-19 people)
- Another in the Immigrant Town (20-24 people)

However, you do not need to find every TinyMedal to get the top-level prize, so you have some slack. In fact, I believe you can miss all of these and still have enough.

Gracos V monster book entry: You can only fight Gracos V for a short period of time in the game, so if you want a complete monster book be sure to battle him when you can. He is first available after defeating his ancestor, Gracos, and stops being available a few quests later. (This should be a hint as to where and when you should fight him!) Be warned, he is much stronger than his ancestor!

Lore Hat: This unique helmet can only be acquired for a short period of time after the Great Flood quest. It can be a little obscure to find – here’s a hint. It makes you have a higher IQ rating, so maybe you should think about why someone would want it…

The semi-permanent immigrant at Mount Flame: See the Immigrant Town section.

Are any shards permanently missable?

No. The game was very well designed in this respect, we have never found any way to permanently miss a shard.

Do I need to complete the Monster Park or Monster Book?

No, unless you are a completist. There is no prize for filling the park, though filling the book gives you the Gospel Ring, an accessory that prevents all random battles.

Why aren’t my monsters showing up in the monster park?

You need to talk to the man who runs the park. If you talk to him and give him a blueprint, you need to keep talking to him until you don’t give him one.

I have all of the keys in the game, including the Final Key, but some chests still won’t open!

No one knows if this was deliberate or not, but some chests can never be opened. The most infamous are the chests in Fishbel’s item shop.

What’s with the frozen ship?

It’s a plot point, and all will revealed in time!

Why won’t my magic carpet work?

This is normal. Go talk to the guy who conned you into it.

What happened to the people in Falrish at the end of the game?

Your guess is as good as ours. Immigrants still appear, though!

User Info: Ragn_Charran

13 years ago#12
Why are there no Gameshark codes for this game?

We don't know why, but Dragon Warrior VII does not take Gameshark manipulation well. Be warned, it can permanently ruin your save files!

My game freezes whenever I try to enter _____!

Dragon Warrior VII is the worst game I have ever seen for being paralyzed by scratches. Try cleaning or repairing your disk.

Are Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest the same thing?

Yes. Dragon Quest is the Japanese name, Dragon Warrior was the North American one. Square-Enix decided to merge them as Dragon Quest for the release of the eighth game of the series.

Is this game the first of a trilogy? Is it a prequel to Dragon Quest VIII?

No and no. While the first three games of the Dragon Warrior/Quest series were a proper trilogy, and IV through VI had one common link, the rest of the series has no apparent plot connections. Mechanics and style trends are fairly consistent across the series, however, unlike some other series (cough*Final Fantasy*cough).

I loved Dragon Quest VIII. Should I play this?

Maybe. There are some very big differences between the games. In general, Dragon Warrior VII…

…has 16-bit level graphics. No, I’m not kidding, if you need a visually impressive game you need to look elsewhere.

…has a lot more talk and a lot less action.

…has a higher difficulty level. Most players found VIII too easy, VII is more challenging without being overly hard.

…is much longer, but a lot of that is talking.

…has a much more convoluted story with a more “grand scale” quest.

…has a much more complex job system.

…has far less character personality development.

If it still seems like your thing, grab it!

How much is this game worth?

It seems most people find this game for between $15 - $30 US. New copies can still be found but are fairly rare, used copies are not too hard to find at the time of writing this sticky.

Where can I find the other Dragon Warrior/Quest games?

Dragon Warrior I, II, III and IV were released in Japan and North America on the Famicom/NES, and with the exception of I are somewhat rare in North America. V and VI were on the Super Famicom in Japan but were not released in North America. VII is on the PlayStation, and VIII is for the PlayStation2. There are also re-releases on newer systems and some related games.

Detailed info on the whole series can be found at the Dragon’s Den, found here: http://www.woodus.com/den/

And no, we don’t know where you can download a ROM. Don’t ask.

User Info: Ragn_Charran

13 years ago#13
Part C: Credits
- Thanks to Enix for the Dragon Quest/Warrior series!

- Without GameFAQs, we wouldn’t have this message board to post on!

- Thanks to Slime Knight for correcting me that class maturity level is 5, not 6; and for the list of missable TinyMedals.

- Thanks to pakathecat for suggesting use of weaker enemies, such as Deja Past, when trying to gain a lot of class levels right after Dharma.

User Info: DarkPaladin126

13 years ago#14
Excellent. Good work, man.
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User Info: fishy071

13 years ago#15
I agree. Good job! I'm glad this topic is back.
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User Info: fishy071

12 years ago#16
TIme to move this important topic back up
"A life is not important except on the impact it has on other lives." (Jackie Robinson)

User Info: Ragn_Charran

12 years ago#17

And I remembered something:

Another permanently missable item!: The Platinum Sword. This can oly be found for a brief time in the village of Probina. Here's your hint: No matter how hectic things may be, you've always got time to talk to everyone!
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User Info: Ragn_Charran

12 years ago#18
Anyone else have anything to add?
Read the ToU! Read the stickies! Read the FAQs! Read the Help Files! Read the manual! Read a book on grammar and spelling!
You forgot to read something!

User Info: trancer1

12 years ago#19
I do.

After a tremendous headache-inducing experience, here is the FASTEST, most complete way to get every hybrid skill while mastering every basic human class in Dragon Warrior VII without ANY unnecessary battles. Remember, these battles can only be done against enemies that you get Dharma credit for. I highly recommend that you do this with only one character (Hero is my preference), as the class changes get pretty involved. Here is how the table works:

ALL CAPS- these are the human basic classes…you should already be familiar with these.

all lower case- these are the skills you will learn between classes.

(#)- these show the number of battles required to continue to the next class.

*CLASS*- this indicates that you have now mastered this class.

FIGHTER(70) - fireair - MAGE(70) - cursesong - BARD(55) – warcry - FIGHTER(30) – jockdance - DANCER(53) – sworddance - WARRIOR(55) – warsong - BARD(30) – gagsong - JESTER(58) – giggle - THIEF(48) - k.o.punch - FIGHTER(30) – bigtrip - MARINER(60) – lightning - MAGE(30) – takemagic - DANCER(30) – boxerdance - JESTER(30) – panicall - MAGE(30) – sleepall - SHEPHERD(52) – ramsong - BARD(30) – healsong - CLERIC(80) – holyaura - MARINER(30) – birdslash - WARRIOR(30) – confuhit - *JESTER(47)* - retaliate - *FIGHTER(30)* - ramattack - SHEPHERD(30) – ramdance - DANCER(30) – robdance - THIEF(30) – thiefhit - *WARRIOR(45)* - mineuchi - *SHEPHERD(53)* - increase - *CLERIC(100)* - k.o.dance - *DANCER(30)* - shipdance - *MARINER(45)* - wavesong - *BARD(30)* - none - *MAGE(40)* - robmagic - *THIEF(72)*

Congratulations! If you have made it through all 1,483 battles, you now know every basic hybrid skill in Dragon Warrior VII and you have mastered all basic human classes. By my own estimates, this process takes about 37 hours, but if you’re a “complete gamer” like me, it’s well worth it. Good luck, and happy gaming!
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User Info: Egxamer1

12 years ago#20
gee . . . sure glad i went to all the trouble of self-discovering most of this pain in the ass to find information when right here its been for about a month lol . . .

no worries i think i'll been on and off of my current quest for the last year and half so the casino stuff is what i've been discovering the most lately . . .
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