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User Info: GSmitty07

10 years ago#31
Still doesn't work on my old 60 GB model, so if you own one be careful getting this, still haven't found any solutions yet either, and Sony seems to be retarded about any info regarding the problem too (they keep telling me to check my controller is assigned right or something simple like that but the problem is obviously bigger than that)

User Info: Ganon24

10 years ago#32
Not true to the guy who said it works now, I have a 120Gig and it still doesn't work.
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User Info: DDG2501

10 years ago#33
downloaded it and it has running just fine in my ps3 60gb old model and on my psp as well
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User Info: deusexnox

10 years ago#34
Runs fine on my fat 80 gig.
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User Info: MetaRidley001

10 years ago#35
Still rockin it on a PS1!
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