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Is it true that Conker's Bad Fur Day is a pioneer of context-sensitive gameplay?slk_2315/26 11:52PM
What characters are the voices of Ze Professor and the Panther King based on?slk_23112/16 4:32PM
Is the term 'chocolate starfish' ever used outside of this game?slk_2329/22 6:14PM
Why is this game so expensive now?Majora200018/11/2017
Considering reprosHighself15/31/2017
I'm doing a Conker's Bad Fur Day video walkthrough seriesBigIVIO15/28/2017
Finally finished this911didbush25/16/2017
Which one ?swolemdj54/29/2017
I've always wondered about the part where Conker says 'eat lead, muther buzzer!'slk_23112/11/2016
In the beginning, what did Conker mean by 'it's gonna be one of those days'?slk_23111/24/2016
Idle Conker, a Soda, and the Camera (Small Spoilers)Twilighttail39/6/2016
No Controller message.....?rhoadsofrock18/16/2016
When that bull gores the cow to death, is it the same cow every time? (spoilers)slk_2318/7/2016
Conker thinking (about Mrs. Bee): 'Hope she's rich 'cos she ain't cute.'slk_2327/21/2016
this game is not that offensive as south parkkaynedenny545416/27/2016
Why is this game so expensive nowadays?
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Was it intentional how Conker scatters dollar bills while taking stacks of cash?slk_2325/12/2016
Money behind the waterfall (Hungover)Rupin_Salesman43/12/2016
Started playing through this for the first time.Mizuno_Ami11/25/2016
The Making of Conker's Bad Fur Day (video)HylianKnight118/7/2015
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