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How the hell do I get the music working?Tiztu42/8/2018
Why hasn't Civ 2 ever come out on Steam/GOG/etc?BloodyBenten61/24/2016
Gold limitPrime_Xiro25/8/2013
How hard is it to find this game?jorhead44/17/2013
Can THIS be run on Windows 7 OS?MonarchPaulos23/12/2013
Also... what is truly the best government to START with then continue with?MonarchPaulos63/5/2013
How do I AVOID "GLOBAL WARMING" ?MonarchPaulos42/21/2013
Is there any way to play this without the CD? *The music mainly*MonarchPaulos31/9/2013
Can I disband/DESTROY a village/town that I don't want anymore?MonarchPaulos21/6/2013
Why the heck is Civ2 not identifying my SAVE Files as SAVE files?MonarchPaulos21/3/2013
When do I get ... FARM LAND? I have FUTURE Technology and I don't have it...MonarchPaulos210/23/2012
I vant to put WHEAT all around my city.MonarchPaulos210/23/2012
Does anyone's cities ever just STAY at ... 6 for over 3,000 years?MonarchPaulos410/23/2012
Also can you EDIT the map you're on while playing it?MonarchPaulos69/29/2012
Music not playing with the CD ... I don't get it...MonarchPaulos39/24/2012
What is the difference between this and Civ II: Fantastic Worlds?MonarchPaulos19/22/2012
Is it possible to conquest every civilizations with 32,767 squares ?.Sun Xiao37/24/2012
Man plays this game for 10 yearsLiquidCsOH66/29/2012
Favourite Government Type? Part II
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Just picked this up Never playedLonerwolfM16/16/2011
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