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User Info: SlashBelmont

2 years ago#1
Started an Axelord run with the following rules:
0 - Equipment is only AxeArmor.
1 - Use Axearmor all the times, even on Boss Battles.
2 - All Damage must come from AxeArmor.
3 - Other resources cannot be used (Spells, Hearts, Familiars, Relics, etc).

However, during playing, I needed to refine the rules due to some limitations of Axearmor and plot itself:

0 - Equipment is only AxeArmor, unless the plot needs something else (holy glasses, gold/silver ring).
1 - Keep the Axearmor unless there is an absolute need for unequip( Save Points, Doors,TP, Platforms). Exceptions are listed below.
2 - All Damage must come from AxeArmor. Attacks dealing 0 damage ( Tyrfing , for example) is an acceptable exception.
3 - Relics can be used on the required areas, but only those doesn't boost statistics are permitted. No Bat/Wolf/Mist damaging abilities, no Familiars. However, don't cheese the game by flying overhead or passing through them. If you want to ignore an enemy, bump and pass through him with Invicibility frames.

Axearmor, in my opinion, is a Disk One Nuke. If not by the jumping limited ability, It can solo almost all enemies and bosses . Can prevent any negative status (Curse, Poison, Petrify, Berserk, Wind Knockback, Big Toss), have high DEF for early game and decent Damage based on INT ( 30 at base + 1 each 5 Additional base INT). Also, it seems to staggers enemies attacks, including bosses .

I've started the game with 85 HP, but Cross or Holy Water are good as well. Never bothered to control level ups. But any good start can work (Cross , Holy Water) . Stats in order of Importance:

HP: Your Facetank capability. HP is the most important statistic. So, grab those Life Max UP where you can.
INT: Increases Base ATT of Axearmor (30) for 1 point each 5 INT points
LCK: Increases your max Crit damage by 1.
STR: Since STR gives ATK , it influences Crit formula. However, since the Axearmor attack is considered a Spell ( 30 CUT) , I don't know how the calculation is done in this case. But as far from I've saw, you either focus on boosting LCK and INT to high levels, or put 1 Point of STR above LCK, to cause double damage. However, LCK can catch the Double Damage around 30-40, so for late game is better to focus on LCK.
CON: Gives one defense point after 9 points exponetialy (9,16,25,36,49,64,81). The maximum is 7. Not so worthy to Grind, but a bonus, is a bonus, right?
MP: Useful only for Transformations , since Axearmor can't cast spells
Hearts: Axearmor can't use them.

At first castle, I didn't had too much difficulty:

From Entrance to Library it was easy.
Slogra & Gaibon: Super Easy. Just Charge and Kill.
Doppelganger : Easy, But still a bit funny, due to his meaningless pokes with daggers.

Royal Chapel and Castle Keep are a bit annoying due to the limited jumping.
Hipogryph : Easy. Although a Flying Enemy, just wait on the ground.

Colosseum does have some parts that can do some decent damage, like the Shield Rod Corridor and the place under the boss area. Needed to bump weaker enemies and use I-frames to kill those musket bastards.
Minotaur & Werewolf : Normal. First Decent Challenge. You need to pick the right one to kill first. Minotaur have Big Damage, Range and Unavoidable Skills. Needed to Facetank him first and dodged the Werewolf by Hit and Run tactics. pretty fun.
Lesser Demon : Easy, but Annoying ( due to being flying a lot of time).It does not fly high enough to the point you need to rely on RNG.

Clock Tower is an annoying place to be with Axearmor. same as Royal Chappel. However, you are imunne to Petrify attacks, so no big problem here.
Karasuman: Very Easy.

Continues on next Post...
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User Info: SlashBelmont

2 years ago#2
Underground Cave is a good place for Axearmor in my opinion, you have a lot of horizontal ground to cover with your little fast legs.
Scyla Head & Scyla : Very Easy. I've confronted her with already high level. On lower levels its still easy.

Cerberus: Hard. You can't cheese and melt him really fast, so you need to pick the correct time to: 1 - Engage; 2 - Flee. You need to Facetank this battle. Since you can't dodge, Hug left wall and use a fireball to climb the platform. I didn't wanted to break Rule #1, as I've didn't on any of the previous bosses, so it was the only way that I've found. Once he gets closer and try the diagonal fire attack, you can attack him. He will jump back and you can use this time to damage him and run to the the wall again, while waiting for the fireball.

Olrox: I though that would be way harder, but it's actually Normal difficulty. Maybe I was just luck that I didn't gave time to him to sumon skull/ use the unavoidable horizontal attack. For the second form, tried to corner him and dodge the Fire floor attack and fireballs. Beat on first try.

Succubus: Very hard, if you rely on RNG. Succubus is the only true problem on the first castle of this run. If she gets knockbacked and/or fly up , she is out of range of the Axeamor. And if she is out of the range and uses Ilusion attack, Game Over. Also, since Axearmor is immune to her curse attack and grab follow up, you can't use her attack to attract her down while wearing Axearmor. Because of this, I've created 2 exceptions on the rule #1:

1 - You can de-equip Axearmor in this fight. Doing it makes Alucard to be vulnerable to Curse Attack + Grab Followup. This is good to attract her and re-equip Axearmor.
2 - You can equip Tyrfing in this fight to attack Clones. Since my ATK was below 30, Tyrfing deals 0 damage on real Succubus and just clears the fake ones. With this, I've kept rule #2 preserved.

Underground Graveyard is a cool place with a lot of Strong monsters. Necessary the use of bat and sonar in order to get the Spike Breaker ( Not really necessary, but I've wanted to play without sequence breaking the game).

Granfaloon: Impossible without breaking the rule #2. The center of the balloon is out of range for axearmor. Also, Axearmor can't attack if equipped in midair, it just falls to the ground without control. Just gave up on this and moved on.

Richter: Best Battle of First castle.It's Normal-Hard difficulty, depending if you want to kill or save him. Hit & Run Tactics for killing Richter. For the orb, I needed to Facetank him and tried to bump as most I've could, while abusing I-frames for hitting the Orb. Bumping on him was dealing 7 damage, while the fire whip was dealing around 42 damage. Since Axelord can't jump high enough , It was need to attract it while dealing with Richter.

Now, I'm going through second castle.
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User Info: SSaiyaman

2 years ago#3
I did something like this before. Not a full run because I was already in the middle of doing my "perfect" file which includes getting 999 Atk, 100 Def, and 99 of all drops. But it had the same stipulations because of the limitations of the Axe Lord Armor - such as its limited jumping ability.

On my "perfect" file, I'm currently in the middle of farming 99 of them from the Spiked Ball at the top of the Royal Chapel stairs. Sometimes I'll equip the Axe Lord Armor to farm it with that. It's slower than my normal method (jump kick off of the Corner Guard from the top of the stairs and jump kick down onto the flat portion just above the Spiked Ball to hit it with the Crissaegrim while crouched from the landing and Wing Smash back out), but breaks the monotony lol.
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User Info: SlashBelmont

2 years ago#4
Second Castle: Navigation is annoying to no end at some parts. Lost the count of times of the need to equip and de-equip Axearmor. Also, tougher enemies and more hazards. Grab all LMU that you can (including master library one). You can use bat more freely here, but you must not avoid enemies with it.

On reverse keep, the first thing I did after getting the Goodies ( Life Max UPs) is to kill the Darkwing Bat and the Medusa Gladiator.
Darkwing Bat : Easy. Axearmor is Immune to Knockback and grab attacks. Just wait to the bat to go to the lower ground.
Medusa : East. Axearmor is Imunne to Petrify

On Inverted Chapel, it seems that Panthers cannot phase through Axelord attack ( maybe because is a Magical Attack), not sure. Just free exp, yay. Also, Inverted Chapel is one of the worst areas in game for AxeArmor detransforming...At least imps can't affect you with berserk, which is funny because they just go and fly angry at you, causing 1 Damage.

Death's Wing Lair is pretty interesting. Zombies are beefy and it has a lot of Strong Monsters ( Malachis) , but their connected dungeons are really a ramp up on terms of monster damage and HP.
Akmohdan 2: As show on tactics menu, really cheesy easy. Axearmor is imune both to Poison status and Grab attacks.

Reverse Clock Tower have funny and annoying places, one of my favourite places on this run. Deflecting Bomb Armors and climbing the ceiling spike traps is fun, but climbing the clock with 5 cloaked knights and Yelow meduas isn't. However, is not hard. Just Annoying.
Reverse Outer Wall is Super annoying. De-equip > Transform into bat and climb up > Detransform > Equip Axearmor> Get hit by a bone and fall down > Repeat. Also, Nova Skeletons are a nice to level up.
Frankenstein: Hard. This fight, I didn't want to break Rule #1 again. so I have to facetank his rolls and tried to keep as close as possible to him in order to force the Hammer attack.

After killing 4 of 5 required Bosses, I've wanted to explore around and kill other bosses for Life Max Ups and exp. Did go first to Death's Wing Lair > Reverse Coloseum. Reverse Coloseum is one of the most dangerous areas ( the music is already a signal, right?). All enemies here Hits Hard, are a bit fast and have hundreds of HP. Threaded carefully and didn't want to even try my luck against 3 teamed Minoutaurus and Werewolves , or 3 Azhaghals. Did go Straight to the Boss.
Fake Trevor, Sypha and Grant ( Fake Trio): It's like a puzzle boss, can be Normal- Hard . depending on which one you kill and the order. tip: Try to not let Sypha for last.

Decided to give a try against Guardian... needless to say, got messed pretty bad. Guardian has High DEF + CUT resistance and the Magic Axearmor attack does not trigger his shield, so they just ignore my attacks and send their attacks. Learned by the Hard way that Axearmor is not affected by Big Toss and died in 2 hits. Gave up from that route and did go from Reverse Outer Wall > Reverse Marble Gallery. Did not used bat to get through the spikes, but got my Iron AxeArmorAss handed pretty badly. If you don't jump quickly, you get hit by the spikes. if you don't jump twice ( once they are closing and once they are coming back), you get hit by the spikes. If you this and not kill the ninja skeleton, you get hit (and again, get hit by the spikes). If you do everything correctly, but mistakenly run into the spikes, you get hit by them as well. Not to mention the nova skeletons waiting you to de-equip and jump, only to be caught by their 150DMG bean. After some struggle, go to reverse Caverns.

Reached Undeground Cavern have really strong creatures , such Blue Venus Weed and Rock Knight, but somehow, I didn't had too much difficuly . Their HP are high but Axearmor have a property that staggers their attacks by a bit . so I just rushed and mashed buttons untill a vine was risen by the blue venus. Great place for Level for Level Up.
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User Info: SlashBelmont

2 years ago#5
Doppelganger40: Normal Difficulty. Interesting and intense Battle. While you are Immune to Poison and Stone, Dop have more range and you can't evade his horizontal attacks, like wing smash . Hit and Run tactics works with moderate success, just don't grab the wall, or let him grab the wall. It's a fun fight.

After finishing Doppelganger, I gave a try to Death, but got my ass handed by her first form skull attack. HP doesn't matter, DEF doens't matter, anything doesn't matter. If she uses this attack , you are screwed. So , I've decided to explore other places on the map.

Did go to reverse entrance via reverse cavern. Reverse Entrance is TOUGH. While I was able to go to the start of the entrance and come back safely, I was not able to move in and return from Nova Skeleton + Blue Venus room. I didn't even dared to use that save point. Just Ignored that place ( since there was nothing good that I could use) .

After this, did go to Reverse Alchemy Lab. It's a bit fun, but some parts are annoying ( white lady + green goblin, or whathever is his name + Invisible flying buterfly skull + Spikes). Got all Life Max UP and tried to go after the boss.
Beezelbub: Impossible without breaking the rule #2. His body parts on the middle can't be reached with Axelord. Since it wasn't a required fight, so I left as is and moved On.

Returned to first castle in order to reach all locations left (Except for Granfaloon fight) and come back to Second Castle. After Getting all possible Life Max Ups ( didn't killed Grafaloon and Beezelbub) , tried to charge at Death.
Death: VERY HARD if relying on RNG and without breaking Rule #1. The Skulls attack can make you almost permastuck on the wall and you will die no matter your HP or Level. Also, there is a possibility that she will fly out of Axearmor reach and use this attack. you can't retaliate in this case. So , for this fight I allowed to De-Equip , use the platforms and re-equip. Even relying on this is hard. Also, you can't grind too much , since that the only killable monster that give good exp is Blue Venus up to this point ( 1000 exp at lvl 40).

After beating death, did go to reverse catacombs. Nice place to grind on those salomes and Half-Frozen, or something like this.And ... I gave a try at the boss.
Galamoth: Nigh Impossible. Even breaking the Rule #1, Using Wing Smash to enable cheesy method, the Axearmor attack is a bit unstable and have low range. Tried a lot of times, but didn't get even close to defeat him. Also, enabling mist on this fight doesn't make it easier. the attack hits for a puny 1 of Damage on his legs ( and some crits of 22,23 at that time).Gave Up and move to Last boss.

While I was not able to explore all areas and kill all bosses, I've reached Shaft and Dracula. Still Haven't beat both yet. Also I only see 2 options:
1 - Either grind forever on Half- Frozen and Salomes to get a decent HP and Facetank both Shaft and Dracula
2 - Make an Exception on Rule #1 and allow to use mist on this fight to evade attacks.

I'm thinking to beat it by Making another exception to rule #1 . It's more fair. If I can beat by doing it, I will try to do a new run, this time controlling the level ups. My stats on level 47 should be over 50 , all of them, but only 3 reached 40s by this time. Also I'm thinking to add an exception to Rule #2 for Granfaloon and Beezelbub after clearing the game (by using Axe, of course. Which subweapon combines more with an Axearmor other than Axes?). For Galamoth, I believe I just have to gave up or retry after extensive grinding ( like level 60+)

Got bored and came back first castle to complete it (except granfaloon area).Returned to second castle and started filling slowly the areas. Dark Marble Gallery "Chtulu area" is specially annoying. Traps + Skulls + Nova Skeletons are almost impossible to pass using the feet. At least, I only need to do it once. Guardians are hard as well. I can bump on them to pass, but expect to lose 2/3 of HP
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