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  3. Which side level, in your opinion, is the most fun?

User Info: wales_eggmundo

5 years ago#1
Firstly, props to Moth366 and the 11 year epic thread!

I think this is an unpopular choice, but I'm going for Orion Plaza. For me, it's the peak of ridiculousness in a ridiculous (but great) scenario. Aside from, perhaps, the Space Shuttle level.

What's yours? Again, side levels only please.

Orion Plaza: 1

User Info: Moth366

5 years ago#2
I hated Orion Plaza. ;>.>

I think I have to go with Moon. Sliding into things at a million miles per hour and blowing them up is fun. ;>.>
Short answer: no
Long answer: Moth's inevitable post - MahouShounenEL

User Info: GauRocks

5 years ago#3
The out of bounds glitch on Skerries is probably my favorite thing in the entire game, so let's go with that as most fun overall.

Played legitimately, Orion Plaza wins by a lot unless you want me to actually earn a platinum. My favorite level to platinum without glitches is Lizard Island for being a really open and expansive J-Bomb level. Yeah, I just used a bunch of technicalities to give three answers. Sue me, I like this game.
- adv. Apparently.
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  3. Which side level, in your opinion, is the most fun?
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