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  3. What, in your opinion, is the hardest side level?

User Info: Simpsonsfan421

16 years ago#11
I haven't reached the Platinums yet. I'd have to say the two hardest to get Golds on are Baboon Catacomb and Gibbon's Gate (the only two I need to have them all, naturally).

User Info: Cliff_Yablowski

16 years ago#12
Twilight Foundry, I hate that level.
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User Info: Moth366

16 years ago#13
Not letting this one purge. No-siree-bob.
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User Info: Moth366

16 years ago#14
If I were to poll the second-hardest, my vote would go to Saline Pass(name?).
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User Info: Born_To_Play

16 years ago#15
I forget the name but its a racing level with two bridges. In order to get the platinum you have to squeeze through a building and a bush, and then destroy a small piece of building with the pink car. As you probably guessed I don't have that platinum yet.
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User Info: brad5476

16 years ago#16
I think you're talking about Jade Plateau. Getting that platinum is a bugger.

User Info: vampiremikagami

16 years ago#17
the uh... billiards one. the name escapes my memory at the moment.

on a side note... BLAST CORPS FOREVER.
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User Info: brad5476

16 years ago#18
That's Orion Plaza.

User Info: Merco64

16 years ago#19
Dark Heartland. Well I thought I was the only person who found it difficult.
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User Info: Moth366

16 years ago#20
Heh. Dark Heartland was a ***** and a half.
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  3. What, in your opinion, is the hardest side level?
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