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  3. this game is godlike

User Info: RedSox342

1 year ago#1
one of the best games ever made tbh
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User Info: AttackUp

1 year ago#2
It really is. I still hum along the soundtrack to stages like Grunty Industries & Hailfire Peaks regularly. Plus it's just so cool how all the areas connect together so perfectly.

Although I will admit I think I prefer the 1st game by just a smidge. It's slightly more focused all around & the end of the game is a little better.

DK64 also deserves a shoutout. Even though it isn't Banjo it's still fun if you're a fan and has that same Rare charm to it.
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User Info: darkmoonbeam

5 months ago#3
Fully agreed, 7 months later
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  3. this game is godlike
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