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User Info: Violet_Runner

2 years ago#1
I resently dugout my old N64 and decided to play Banjo Tooie. I got to Cloud Cuckooland and got all the Jiggies and Pages except the ones Canary Mary gives you. And after trying over and over again I have come to the conclusion that she is impossible to beat and everyone who says otherwise are liars. I tried the "moderate pace" trick and you know what happened? I didn't even get past the the first landing before she stopped the race saying I was too slow. I tried every trick out there that people say they they've used to beat her without a turbo controller and have yet to beat her. Thus she is impossible to beat without a turbo controller.

If you say you can beat her by going at a reasonable pace please supply a video of you doing so or else you are a liar.

User Info: skater43

2 years ago#2
I've beaten her at least a couple of times, but don't have video proof, so I guess I'm a liar. However, I'll agree that she's one of the hardest parts of the game (final boss isn't exactly a cake walk either). As I recall, I've beaten her a couple of different ways. One way was staying just behind her. As you noted, if you fall too far behind, she ends the race. And if you pull out in front, she zooms ahead. So the trick is keeping close behind her. Then, when you get to the final downhill by the beehive, mash away and hopefully have enough momentum and speed to beat her to the finish. The other way I've done it is just mash like heck the whole race. Don't look at the screen, just focus on hitting that button as fast as you can. And when you get tired, pause and take a break for a few minutes. Then come back and go some more. Get tired, pause again, then continue after a little bit and so on until the race is over. Good luck.
"Never again is what you swore the time before." - Depeche Mode, "Policy of Truth"

User Info: goldenraven20

2 years ago#3
Are you on the first or second race there? With the first one, you don't even need to use the "moderate pace" trick, as you should be able to just button mash your way through it. Try placing the controller on the ground and mashing A with your index finger, using your wrist to help give you speed.

For the second race, you will almost certainly have to use the other method. With the "moderate pace" trick, the key is to stay roughly right beside her, maybe a little bit behind her. You can stay like this until you start the descent down the mountain. About halfway down the mountain (or once the goal is in sight), start button mashing like mad. That method has consistently worked for me in the past, although I stopped collecting the Canary Mary Jiggy/Cheato Page because I don't want to ruin my controller.

There is a video here, but he does the second race a bit differently. Note that you don't have to change the pace of your button mashing until the very end:

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