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3 years ago#1
The title is just for google searches.

Anyway, I've been tinkering with this game for a while, and below you can read my findings. Think it of as a mini-guide or mini-FAQ of sorts. You're free to copy and distribute this info as you see fit.

Firstly, ASL2 is notorious for having almost no info around, even on the japanese web. I've found very little, and the game doesn't seem to have a guide in print (like Valken 2 has). I used Cheat Engine to read some of the variables in real time (like the elusive Penalty). Let's start.

How do I unlock weapons and suits?
You can only unlock them during your first playthrough. Period. If you finish the game and save, that file will only have those weapons in it, forever. Anyway, to unlock stuff, you need to "pass" certain grades shown in the results screen. You'll see 6 areas: Enemy Point, Damage Point, Clear Time, Technical Point, Score and Total Score. After each one, you'll see a square. If the square is filled with a blue square, you passed. If it's filled with a red square, you didn't pass. If there is a slash inside the square, that area won't unlock anything (for that stage). There's also the question of Rank (goes from A to E, I think. No S).

What changes in the second playthrough?
The game becomes harder, you get bigger bonuses, and there's a secret at Mission 3.

What secret in Mission 3?
If you win the tournament again (usually, there are only 5 fighters), another challenger will appear. He's not that hard compared to Wikken or Miyabi. He just telegraphs his attacks a lot. Also Miracle Beam can kill you in one shot.

What is this I heard about Mission 4?
The dreaded Mission 4. You have to escort a convoy until it reaches the end of the screen. This mission is notoriously difficulty because the tanker you're escorting will die very fast against some enemies. Later on the mission, helicopters will drop mines that will bury themselves in the ground and hurt the convoy when it passes over them.
Also, this mission is buggy. Near the end, Eddie will say there are a few of those flying Assault Suits coming. There are 4. If you don't kill all of them before the convoy passes the edge of the screen, the convoy will continue for a while (outside the screen) and inevitably die to some invisible enemy (or it just fell off the screen). The buggy part is because those flying AS will come in and sweep your area once. If you don't kill them all fast, there is a very high chance that one of the AS will fly upwards, outside the screen, and never come back. If that happens, you need to restart the mission.

So, how do I get past the mission?
Ignore the first 2 helicopters. Kill the first helicopter that is on top of the tanker (it'll drop an AS). Now, go ahead of the convoy, as much as you possibly can, while killing all ground enemies in the way. Don't worry about the helicopters for now, because as long as you're not on the same screen as the tanker, the helicopters won't attack the tanker, only you. Notice that the bulky grey ASs don't appear on the radar, so you can't auto-lock onto them. They're your priority targets, because they can destroy the tanker very fast. Don't let them approach the tanker. After a while, Maria (one of your companions) will warn that helicopters are dropping mines. This is the hard part. The helicopters that drop mines are BLACK. What you have to do is destroy the helicopters fast, try to keep ahead of the convoy (so the helicopters attack you instead) AND try to destroy the mines. You can either shoot the mines while they're falling, or step on them once they're buried. Don't worry, they do negligible damage to you.
Once you're near the edge of the screen, Eddie will warn of the 4 flying AS. If you manage to shoot them down, the tanker driver will say "Clear!". If not, well, you have to restart the whole mission.

User Info: SaveConverter

3 years ago#2
The tanker still explodes once it passes the edge of the screen! What's happening?
Again: this mission is buggy. Once you reach near the edge of the screen, Eddie will warn you that some flying Assault Suits (4 of them) are coming by. If you killed every one of them, BUT your companions don't message you right away, then one of the AS went outside the screen, and is never coming back. Once this happens, there's nothing you can do anymore, except restart the mission. Once this bug happens, the tanker will pass the edge of the screen, continue for a good 15~20 seconds and then mysteriously die.
Remember: once Eddie warns you of the 4 flying AS, they're your objective. Kill them as fast as possible, forget about the tanker now. You cannot let even one of the AS escape, or they'll never come back.

I always get 7/8 weapons at Mission 1 and 5/6 weapons at Mission 4!
Same here. What I know is:
1) the missing weapon on Mission 1 is the L-90000X (and probably all weapons)
2) the missing weapon on Mission 4 is the SG-V35 (a shotgun)

Knowing Masaya (developers of the Assault Suit series), it's very likely that they hid a secret condition in Mission 1, so you get either a powerful weapon or all weapons. If you didn't know, they did that in their past games. In Leynos 1 (Target Earth), if you killed only the boss of mission 1 (leaving everything else alive), the game would give you all weapons and items. In Valken (Cybernator), if you did the same, the game would give you the Napalm Gun, the most powerful weapon in that game. Given their history, my guess is that there is a secret in the 1st mission of this game, but no one discovered it yet, 20 years later. I've looked into japanese sites and forums, and everyone over there is just as puzzled as us. All the videos I've seen on NicoNico Douga also don't show the player getting those weapons (even expert players). So that's why I think no one discovered it yet.
Mind you, I actually tried to only kill the boss, but the game only lets you proceed to it after you've killed a certain number of enemies. You can test it: just zip past everyone, and the screen will stop scrolling near the last napalm tank. You have to kill some stuff so it starts scrolling again.

If you use a PAR (Pro Action Replay), you can unlock those weapons.
One good news is that I've managed to unlock the L-90000X normally, but I don't know if I've pinpointed the exact method. It's not on Mission 1, however. More on that below.

So, how do you unlock the L-90000X?
First, for those that don't know: once you finish Mission 6, the game will automatically throw you into Mission 7, without returning you to the set-up screen. However, if you either die or restart Mission 7, the game will show you the set-up screen.
So what I did? I just finished Mission 7 without dying or restarting. I also killed the core of the boss without killing all the other parts first. I had already finished the game 3 other times before (different files), so I was surprised to see I managed to unlock the L-90000X in that playthrough. If you've never seen it, it's a 800 Attack Power laser that drains slowly and recharges faster than the other lasers.

Why is my Penalty so huge?
This is a hidden stat that is only shown in the results screen. I've looked into it with Cheat Engine, and it seems there are a lot of penalties that can be given to you, but mainly those:
1) one of your allies is destroyed: 600 points
2) you passed an enemy without fighting it (even if you come back later): 1000 points

Yeah, 1000 points. If you just zip it past an enemy and that enemy exits the immediate screen, you get an immediate 1000 points penalty. I think the detection is kinda spotty, it seems to trigger more against ground enemies (because aerial enemies are faster). So if you made the screen scroll past an enemy, penalty. That's it.

User Info: SaveConverter

3 years ago#3
Weapon/Armor/Device acquision list
This is a list of every item you can get, sorted by mission.


Weapon (7/8)
--Missing Weapon (probably L-90000X)

Hit Capacity (+100)
Armor Level EX (+2)
E-Pack (+100
Hi Speed Reloader 2

HVM Assault Armor
Dynanium HG


NPM-380 (320?)

Power GX (+12)
ES System
Advanced Aim Unit 2
Mobile EX (+8)

Hybryx Pro 800
Solid-Max ES Coat
XRM Assault Armor



Powered Dash 3
Weapon EX (+8)
Adv. Rader System
Repair EX (+8)



Weapon (5/6)
-- Missing Weapon (probably SG-V35)

E-Pack (+200)
ES.System XR-4
Charge Enhancer

Armor (2/3)
Brontic 3758
Hyper Brontic 9000



Extra Weapon Bay 2
Hi Speed Reloader 3
Armor Level EX (+5)
Hit Capacity (+200)

Armor (0/2)



Hit Capacity (+50)
Hi Speed Reloader 1
E-Pack (+50)
Advanced Aim Unit 1

Armor (0/2)


Weapon (1/1)

Device (0/0)

Armor (0/0)
Alpha System (this appears if you got the Garwin suit)

One important note: The available armors will fill the list up before you finish all the missions. So by Mission 4, if you've been getting all the armors, the list will be already filled up, and the game can't give you any more of them. That's why it shows you 2/3 Armors. It doesn't mean you lost an armor, just that you already have all of them. Same for the next mission, it'll show 0/2 Armors. It just means there were 2 Armors in that mission, but you already have them in your list.

User Info: SaveConverter

3 years ago#4
Suit unlocks
I think those suits are unlocked either by Score or Technical Points. I couldn't pinpoint which one. I've listed what stages you get the suits at. You already start with the AS-541D Leynos EX and AS-7 ES Leynos 2.
Mission 2: AS-633A Zyrec
Mission 3: ASS-117A Valken (you need to win the tournament)
Mission 4: VRS-19A Galliver & AS-625 Phantoma
Mission 5: ASX-099 Alpha Leynos
Mission 7: VRS-00X Garwin

Why don't some of the weapons show up on the results screen?
Note that some of the unlockable suits will come with their own weapons and items, you cannot get those items normally through the missions. For example, the Valken comes with the V-Shield (I think). The Garwin comes with the Alpha System and the G-Weapons, and so on. I thought this was weird too, because you get the Napalm-320 automatically, while you need to get the 310 and 380 through the missions. I don't know what's up with that. Same thing with the punches. Maybe Valken gets all of them.
Also that's the reason why it shows "Armor (0/0)" but Alpha System below it in Mission 7. It comes with the Garwin.

What's up with Mission 3?
It's an AS tournament. You don't need to win any of the fights, that's why people wonder why they completed the stage even if they lost. The contestants are:
Grave Dini: uses missiles
Chamer Kudo: jams your radar (you can't lock-on), uses gattling guns
Zazarga Meldan: uses missiles, punches, a very strong rifle and a shield
Wikken Delthral: that guy from missions 5 and 6, uses a ton of missiles but his armor is very weak
Miyabi TsubaGigabyte: the champion, she uses energy weapons
Assault Men (A-Men): the secret challenger, only appears after you clear the game once. Says the name of every attack.

What's up with Game Level (GL)?
It's a dynamic difficulty indicator. Do well, and it goes up. Get shot, it goes down. It can go up to 6, and down to 1. When you start a game on a cleared file, the GL is locked at 6. At GL6, the enemy fires as soon as it sees you, and usually fires all its weapons at once. Missiles for everyone!

I always get 6/8 weapons at Mission 1. Why?
You can't let one of your allies (Seki) be destroyed in that mission. Even if you ace the rest (score, enemy points), if you let him be destroyed, you'll always get 6/8.

Why can't my AS equip some weapons?
Some weapons are exclusive to some models. For example, the G-Weapons (G-Sonic, etc) can only be used by the Garwin. Some models can't use the shield, etc.

What do the various "system" device items do?
I didn't test all of them.

Advanced Radar: can see stealth units on the radar and also lock onto them (like the Grey AS on Mission 4 or the second challenger on Mission 3)
G-Unit: +300 HP, +5 Power, gives Advanced Radar
Alpha System: no idea
ES System: no idea

User Info: SaveConverter

3 years ago#5
I've managed to pinpoint what the other items do. I'll post the ones I've already posted before, anyway.

Advanced Radar System: can see stealth units on the radar and also lock onto them (like the Grey AS on Mission 4 or the second challenger on Mission 3)
G-Unit: +300 HP, +5 Power, gives Advanced Radar
Alpha System: makes you dash faster, and you can also hold the boosters for longer. I've seen no other effects. I believe this combines the effects of Hyper Booster 1+2 and Powered Dash 1+2+3 on the same item.
ES System: energy items use less charge
ES System XR-4: energy items use even less charge
Charge Enhancer: energy items charge faster

I've tested both ES System items. I've used the full charge of the L-90000X on a Zyrec (900 energy), and let it recharge completely. This is what came out:
No item: 729 energy left
ES System: 814 energy left
ES System XR-4: 857 energy left
Both ES Systems: 857 energy left

So it seems the items don't stack. You'll get only the reduction of the XR-4.

Also, one correction:
At the end of Mission 4, Eddie says 6 flying AS are coming, not 4. I don't know if this changes depending on game level, and I swear I never saw all 6 of them (I was too busy trying to kill them). One thing that slightly helps you is to not try to chase them as soon as they appear, let them come near the ground first. Still, I fail this mission half of the time, just because of this moment.
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