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User Info: Komeet

12 years ago#2
I'm glad the project is going on, however I cannot help in any way unfortunately. (I don't understand japanese and I'm not legible to use Paypal). This game holds a special place for me as well.

User Info: Yogi

12 years ago#3

Have you considered seeking japanese teachers/people in japanese language schools in your country to 'help' in this project? Just a thought.
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User Info: Iceman_UK_2005

12 years ago#5
DragonSpike, thanks for your post. Very encouraging stuff.

I am both a big AC3 fan (I have a review on the site and have helped folks on this board) and also the webmaster/sysadmin behind frontmission.info. I am part of the team there translating Front Mission 5 from Japanese to English. The team have been hard at work for a year and it is nearly done.

Maybe we can help each other? I can ask about Japanese translators willing to help you?

I can help, or take ownership of an AC3 fansite and assist with: domain registration, hosting, site maintenance and setting up services eg. email, mailing list (for team and public), mailing list archives, RSS feeds, wiki and so forth. I do this as a "labour of love" on the FM5 project, in my own time out of my own pocket.

Please email me at electr0sphere@yahoo.co.uk to take things further.

I will be watching your website with interest.
Front Mission 5 - Fan Translation Project - http://frontmission.info

User Info: MA5C

12 years ago#6
Best luck with the project.
Good games are almost always underrated.
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