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User Info: SamusTheHedge

1 month ago#1
I'm just curious about this: most Filth Digimon suck, but say I wanted to raise one for some reason. What would be the best one to go for?
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User Info: Mynash

1 month ago#2
I haven't raised them myself, but PlatinumNumemon seems to be the digimon you're looking for.
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User Info: Mugendramon

1 month ago#3
Although there's not a huge selection of Filth-natured Digimon species in Next Order, their Filth type attacks are still actually pretty good, especially against a strategic selection of dominant late-game enemy natures; more specifically, Filth type attacks have an advantage against Holy, Dark and Weapon/Apparatus-natured Digimon opponents. On the other hand Filth-natured Digimon also take additional damage from Fire, Nature, Air, Ice and Hand-to-Hand type attacks and there is no "above-Mega" Filth mon in the game (although Filth Megas can still reach those above Mega levels by Digivolving into different nature types).

I played with both PlatinumNumemon and MetalEtemon on various occasions, including even with maxed out stats and I had a lot of fun and recall being even surprised with the amount of destruction and utility (Slow + Poison status effects) their Extreme Poop Death carpet bombing of crap (crapet bombing?) could unleash.

PlatinumNumemon does have access to the powerful Judgement (Holy attack, strong against Dark-natured enemies) as well as Venom Disaster moves (useful against groups of enemy Filth Digimon as well as the relatively rare Air-natured Digimon) and defensive buffing, but I would have to say MetalEtemon has the upper hand in the end due to his access to the incredibly powerful/offensive Upgrade move (meaning MetalEtemon can work as an effective team buffer on top of his status effect access) not to mention his access to the powerful Fighting Aura (Hand-to-Hand type) move that can also be used to effectively counter groups of enemy Filth and Weapon-natured Digimon.
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