2 months ago #1
During the start of lockdown last year I decided to platinum this game which required the card master trophy. One of the most time consuming trophies in the game which also didn't require any skill whatsoever, just mindless grinding.

When I was grinding them out I decided to record the rate at which I was getting cards just out of curiosity. I had all the tamer skills unlocked.

I don't remember the exact route, this was over 9 months ago but it would've been a similar route to the others posted on this forum. I was supposed to post it when I did it but I had some issues logging into my account back then and have just found the note on my phone.

I counted up the total amount of "collections". NOT the total amount of collection points.

Over 5 in game days I collected 890 times and got 109 cards. So it took just over 8 collections to get 1 card and I got about 22 cards per in game day.

Don't know whether anyone will find this useful but thought I might as well share it as I went through the trouble of recording it.
Maybe this will help you decide whether you want to bother doing it or not.

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