No one plays online anymore.

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User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
6 months ago#1
I couldn't find a que waiting 30 mins total from all modes.

User Info: Amuro0093

6 months ago#2
Have you used worldwide setting?

User Info: ZEROthefirst

6 months ago#3
There's plenty of people in player matches, the rooms just get filled quickly and once it's full it doesn't show up in results anymore until someone leaves. Like Amuro said though, if you can't find a room, set the search to worldwide, there are usually more rooms to be found there.
Nintendo Network/PSN ID: ZEROthefirst

User Info: greeeed

6 months ago#4
Worldwide + same patch.
Usually, japanese have patch, which will remove them from EU/NA online games.

User Info: Genzanin

6 months ago#5
Leave it to extreme gamers Black standard room

Or join ps4 community
I have 60 buddies in mine
"Gundam Versus Italia" if you are Eur
But anybody is welcome!!

And a friend has the 3vs3 one

Cu online - It took long but now GUNDAM ONE YEAR WAR is finally on line.We didn't spare nothing to the white mobile suit, NOW IN ENGLISH huge fun!!!

User Info: SolNeko

6 months ago#6
Player match lobbies, join them.
If you don't see any then make a room there should be plenty in US region so you need a US account for that, some are up in worldwide region, also if you cant see any rooms its likely that there are full rooms because you cant view full rooms unless a friend is in one and you see they're full from searching for friend rooms.

User Info: Rob_the_Ninja

6 months ago#7
I can find plenty of playes when I play in the evening, but if I play casual during the day, seems like I get matched up with the same handful of people who are also trying to find matches over and over again.

User Info: yohvsnaruto

6 months ago#8
I'm surprised no ones said this yet, join a Discord.
Will NA stop playing on Wifi?

User Info: Goraishi

6 months ago#9
Amuro0093 posted...
Have you used worldwide setting?

Same region with US account is going to have the most results.

User Info: sleepercell99

6 months ago#10
my issue is I fight the same 10-15 people over & over

there are probably like 50 people total playing in NA lol...
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