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User Info: AEisenhuth

1 year ago#321
"Nickname": AEisenhüth
Player Identification: 7413-2268-8403

Feel free to add me as well. I'm really starting to like this little app Nintendo decided to put out. Mainly because I HATE pay to win/play games, which is apparently the only game apps that EA, Activision and any big "mature" gaming company can seem to make for the App Store these days. This on the other hand gives you the ability to test the game first, and then decide if you want to make the purches for the full game, where, as far as I can tell, you're not even given the option to spend money. Definitively my kind of game.

Sorry for the mini rant.

User Info: jerrie11

1 year ago#322
add me
my code is 188441383278

User Info: Cvdung

1 year ago#323
My ID: 3189-4424-7849

Want to be friends in Super Mario Run?

Start up Super Mario Run and enter this player ID into the Friend List to become friends.

Let's play together 💪

User Info: andrxw

1 year ago#324
Add me, will accept quickly.

User Info: MarioPWNS

1 year ago#325
Player ID: 3485-4527-0752
Mobile Marvel Avengers Alliance ID: GB Agent Cory

User Info: umop-apisdn

1 year ago#326
ID: 0293-3519-4524

I'll be playing a lot, so feel free to add me. Going to add as many people as I can.
"What doesn't kill you.. gives you more XP."

User Info: rini124

1 year ago#327

Feel free to add me :)
~*Jen*~ - 3DS Friend Code: 3737-9519-1063 (Jennifer)
PSN: rini124, Xbox 360: Princcesss Jen, Wii: 2275 9197 2602 2533, Wii U: Princess.Jen

User Info: KittenOnTheKeys

1 year ago#328
Add me! ID: 3973-4758-2570

User Info: Nando619

1 year ago#329
Hi wonderful people please feel free to add me thank you


Names Nando thanks again

User Info: Marleyz

1 year ago#330
Add me ass well..


Thx guys..
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