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NoxErebus 4 days ago#1
I didn’t realize that your team has to be all C90 characters…

Thinking about going full-ballistic with a team of all green/blue just because why not? First chance we’ll have to do six BT finishers and a full BT phase. I’ve got Ramza, Garnet, Zack, Vaan, Laguna, and Tidus. I’ll swap Snow in there somewhere if I get his BT.

I guess we can use this thread later for posting teams & clears too.
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PyrosAWX 4 days ago#2
Having done the fight in JP, you don't need to use c90 characters (unless they changed it for GL), you only need them to unlock the fight, like how Dimensions' End requires c60 characters.
Don't know who I plan on fielding yet for this battle yet since I don't know the mechanics in full (only that there physical and magic immunity involved). Still gonna like this event just solely for the fact that the boss music is God in Fire.
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PyrosAWX 4 days ago#4
One of the boss has a stance where it will insta-kill any character under 30% HP, that's what I remember the most.
Considering 2 of the units on the banners aren't even C90 yet, I'm betting on a typo.
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PyrosAWX 4 days ago#6
It is a typo, they have changed the notice and reworded it.
dudeitscool 4 days ago#7
This is rough. Enemies have insane HP and their buffs are brutal. I guess this fight could use newly C90'd Balthier.
NoxErebus 4 days ago#8
All green/blue team worked. Took a few tries to get the timing right - going into Tidus’ Burst phase while the little guy was in “no damage” mode instead of “HP sap” mode.

Snow replaced Garnet towards the end just for the HP regen. Ramza & Vaan not used at all.
Good rewards from this! Might start a third UT…
Some people say that I'm apathetic, but I really don't care.
(edited 4 days ago)
Went in blind and op, lol. Pretty fun fight. Mostly used Tidus/Garnet/Zack.

Crab mech has 2 auras, red and blue. Blue makes it pretty much immune to damage until it does a big aoe attack. Red has an hp poison effect, and will auto kill anyone who drops below 30% hp the second it happens (i.e. doesn't need to get its turn). My team had a lot of healing, but I probably overdid it.

Wing mech also has 2 stances, flying and grounded. I don't know which of the top of my head, but one stance is immune to magic attacks, while the other is immune to physical. So you basically need both types of dps. It also drops a lot of framed debuffs, but I was able to mostly ignore those.

One thing to watch out for if using Zack. When you cross its first hp threshold, the Wing Mech will do a big aoe brv+hp attack on it's next turn. Either wait until after this or until the Crab Mech is in its blue aura to use Zack's BT, because it'll likely bring him to 1 hp, after which the Crab Mech will kill him if it's got it's red aura.

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Master_M64 4 days ago#10

Forgot to assign the summon lol

second party was Y'sh, Garnet, Lenna. Swapped Selphie for Y'sh for a sec after setup then to Lenna for the rest of the fight shortly after.
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(edited 4 days ago)
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