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User Info: ellis123

2 weeks ago#1

Not really much to say other than this was actually super fun in a cheesy sort of way. Gladio barely got to move so his LD buff lasted for a good 20+ actions each while Trey really has come a ways as the "off turn DPS king" with just how much his LD ended up doing. Y'Sh was sort of impressive as well with her batteries.

In any case I screwed up hard twice and still got the clear. I expect some people to take this literal same team and shave at least four turns off. Doubly so if they have passives on Trey. ~.~
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User Info: Hlz321

2 weeks ago#2

Celes and Trey off-turn damage made this really easy.

User Info: kratosandzelos

2 weeks ago#3

Another Lufenia taken to the skies. Entire idea is to beat the Orb enrage. Have DCecil use one LD then immediately get out and have Ramza going. Apply Keiss and Jack LD debuffs immediately, and Cloud use Krille LD and Blade beam. Then just launch when you can, and when Cloud has his turn again, Burst. Summon as soon as you can after that and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use Ramza's Ennervate unless his is the last turn in the Summon as it'll push off the Lightning imperil and they'll absorb your damage.

Made it to sub 30% with 3 turns to spare, at that point its just clean up, very easy with this team

User Info: Master_M64

2 weeks ago#4

Not much to say. Delay and launch until dead.
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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

2 weeks ago#5
Annoying, but not too difficult. Also had Ramza BT friend.
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User Info: NoxErebus

2 weeks ago#6
Lufe not too bad with this team. Used Y’sh BT at about 50% when the bosses auras were down, swapped Celes for Ramza & summoned just before they dropped below 29%. Ate an HP attack towards the end but still made the cutoff. Obv could’ve brought a different call than Kuja (which I didn’t use). I’m an idiot.

CQ was a breeze.
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User Info: SleepingKnight

2 weeks ago#7
Trey decided not to give me his LD, so had to use the flying strategy
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User Info: Urtwo

2 weeks ago#8


User Info: kratosandzelos

2 weeks ago#9

Definitely easier this time around then Trey's event lol

User Info: frostmourne240

2 weeks ago#10
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  3. The Power of Knowledge - Trey Lufenia
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