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  3. How is your luck on the free daily pull?

User Info: Fairy_Walnut

4 weeks ago#31
Trying to get Yuri Ex

User Info: Hatemachine25

4 weeks ago#32
One or two 15cp since it started, kinda neat but usless, however Ticket luck seems extraordinary, tagged almost all of the BTs through tickets alone, seem to have worse luck using gems oddly enough, Last Gem pull was one of the Best since I started Day 2, managed Yshtolla BT & Serah LD.

Not sure where RNG decided to go goofy for me, but tickets seem to be in my Favor.
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User Info: SoulWoo

4 weeks ago#33
Mostly garbage mostly 1 15cp everytime. however Did manage to get yshtola bt on free pull for serah. First time getting a bt on a multi since clouds on clouds banner when I pitied his ld...

User Info: Hero-of-Midgar

4 weeks ago#34
Haven't got anything worthwhile, but I dont mind too much.

If I really want something I tend to go for the banner on Day 1, so the daily draw seems an odd system for this game.

User Info: Fukenog

4 weeks ago#35
Trey EX. After I spent 150 tickets trying to get it.
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User Info: Masterjeff54

3 weeks ago#36
got emperors BT. wish it were yshtolas but free bt is free. Never got aranea ld after like 250 tickets on that banner plus free daily pulls.
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User Info: elidodog

3 weeks ago#37
A few days ago I could have said that not only does its rate seem deflated, so do the results.

For the two months I had been playing I got 2 goldens, one 15 and a 35, for two months.

Of course, I also got Ysholta BT two days ago off of it so I guess I can't complain anymore...that's about 60ish pulls for a BT.

User Info: TBD2009

3 weeks ago#38
My daily pulls have been pretty much all 3* and 4* since it began. Though I think (might be confusing it with the free multi at the time) I grabbed Vincent off of one free pull.

Tonight I finally got Y'sh's LD off a free daily pull, so that kind of made up for all the blue orb trash I usually get. I can't "afford" to pull with gems on her banners (saving for Terra), and my ticket luck has been horrible lately. So it was a nice "win" for a change.
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User Info: Dias

3 weeks ago#39
Today I am very happy on my free 10 pull I got Setzer's EX weapon.
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User Info: dudeitscool

3 weeks ago#40
My free daily today netted me Ysh LD!!! I spent 300 tickets on the banner and had to stop so getting this makes me feel better.
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  3. How is your luck on the free daily pull?
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