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User Info: Furryyiffer

1 week ago#21
I got Penelo's EX on my free pull. Was a dupe as was basically everything on this banner but Kain 35
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User Info: minchew91

1 week ago#22
My free pull was Leo 15, 35and Penelo 15.

1 ticket got me Kains EX, and I was prepared to throw 20 or so to try my luck 😂😂 I'm so freaking happy. Kain is a favorite I've wanted for forever. Now I just need stones to max that and his 35...i had them, but I maxed Cloud of Darkness out first so I'm down to like 4 stones now.
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User Info: RavingSwoobat

1 week ago#23
For once, I too, got something good on the free pull. Penelo finally came, after much hardship the first go.

Now the FFXII crew can be complete, as all should be.

User Info: Asheron61

1 week ago#24
I got Leo's EX on the free pull (dupe) but had to pity Kain's. Not thrilled about that, but at least I'll make close to that 70k back this month just between DE and the summon board.

It was worth it to finally get my boy fully geared, including character board which I didn't expect to happen yet.
Still hoping for Leo's EX cause I need him to finish tier 9 :/. Got Penelo's full kit even tho I already perfect her.
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User Info: Taaron

1 week ago#26
I am still a pretty new account, don't even have a full team of the best gear yet...

Free pull I got nothing good. As I am interested in all three characters, did 4 more paid summons and got EX Leo and EX Kain so happy about that.

Depending on how many free pulls we get, I may or may not toss some more gems out for the last EX Penelo if I don't get her in any other pulls.
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User Info: ShadowZeroPD

1 week ago#27
Already got all their EX.(not MLB though).


Penelo 15 CP (PS)
Leo 35 CP

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User Info: Baby_ragna

1 week ago#28
Pathetic. Freya 15 CP
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User Info: Fantasy4life

1 week ago#29
Had everything, got a 1/11, to be expected.

Wasn't this the banner that had Cater in JP though?
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User Info: tryforce

1 week ago#30
Got lucky pulled the only EX I didn't have.

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