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User Info: igor140

1 week ago#1
wow... i got my ass handed to me.

not in terms of getting wiped, but i just could not bring his HP down. i went in with aranea, penelo, and emperor. (i know, emperor is better for multiple enemies, but he has one of the best damage to longevity ratios in the game.)

70+ turns later, diabolos has only had 2 or 3 turns; but aranea is out of skills, i've used my summon (to avoid a massive hit), emperor is starting to run low on skills... and the boss is still at 40% HP. then he OHKO'd one of my characters from broken status... so i don't know how to deal with that.

am i approaching this wrong?
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User Info: dudeitscool

1 week ago#2
Are you doing a lot of HP+ attacks with Aranea to save skill uses?
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User Info: RandoGamerKid

1 week ago#3
You should be using people's HP attacks alot until its run out. That alone is probably at LEAST half his life

User Info: eoddel

1 week ago#4
This is beyond me... How can you fail a run with Aranea AND Penelo in the same team? These 2 can pretty much duo Diabolos. Who did you use as friend support? Maybe replace Emperor by another magic/ranged unit.

User Info: heimdalgc

1 week ago#5
Who else do u have?

Emperor i wouldnt use......

I went full delay team and he never got a use
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User Info: minchew91

1 week ago#6
I did it with Aranea, Leo, and I think either Ysh or Penelo with a Leo friend. Pretty due he didn't get a single turn. Do your characters have summon boards and everything done?
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User Info: Crazy_Talk

1 week ago#7
One problem I see is bringing a delayer in a battle with a trap type (I know you can just use skills to activate early, but I like to use traps to unish the boss' actions)
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User Info: WafflePower

1 week ago#8
Lightning was the MVP for my battle so if you have her built, I totally recommend instead of Emperor.
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User Info: igor140

1 week ago#9
yes, all three had all boards maxed. no, i did not use a lot of HP attacks, because very little content has required them recently, especially with three of the hardest hitting units in the game. i can definitely do more of that on the next run, though.

and why bring leo? diabolos resists melee damage. i accidentally brought leo on my first run, and Master Blade did ~15k. i don't think the delay is worth the loss of ~100k per turn, is it?

i don't think i have a better magic DPS than emperor... unless i'm forgetting someone.

in the meantime, fran does heaps of damage... i may try her. or beatrix? i expect her damage would be less, but she would also protect me better...

also, how are you avoiding him getting a turn at all? starting at 60% HP, he was getting two turns in a row against me even with penelo's haste rhumba (which is why i summoned), meaning that it would be impossible to delay him indefinitely...
FFBE: 229.361.850; 2000 hyoh, 1200/1350 malphasie, 1600 TT (SoT)

User Info: Krentaris

1 week ago#10
Aranea and Emperor are both AoE characters, Emperor especially.

Aranea can work in single target because she’s so strong overall, but it’s far from her best use case. Her ST output isn’t that great by current standards, so for beefier bosses you’ll need to use her HP attacks more.

Lightning was my MVP here alongside Penelo and Sherlotta. I mean, Leo could work but that would all but necessitate Lulu + an ATK aura character. Probably doable though.

Honestly I never even thought of Y’shtola, but she’s like the OG ST boss bully, so she probably works too.
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