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User Info: kupomogli

1 month ago#41
Vayne, Yuri, and Rosa. Areanea friend. 999999

51 turns, four breaks. 13377 damage got hit with an AoE HP attack at the end.

User Info: Evening_Mog

1 month ago#42

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User Info: jeremykun29

1 month ago#43
jaganshi2 posted...
I like and hate Beatrix's Safeguard ability. It's a nice addition to her skill pool but almost unreliable due to it being only 1 move.
Agreed. You really have to time it right for it to work. Also, having it on the HP attack forces you to use skills or just BRV attack.
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User Info: TitanOxide

1 month ago#44
Took my 3 new purples
Beatrix, Vayne, Cecil
Ramuh - Aranea
Got cocky at the end, took an AoE brv. got broken, AoE HP that missed Vayne. Vayne finished off the fight solo.
Beatrix still had a ton of skill uses, so my next attempt I'l going to be Thunder Slashing like crazy.

Also, Beatrix is only c70/60 with 3 masteries, and okay-ish arts. She's got some easy wiggle room to improve.

2nd run much smoother.
Swapped out Cecil for Zack. Basically skill spammed with Zack and Beatrix the whole time, and still had a good amount left on everyone. Focused one down, then swapped out Vayne for Areana, summoned and delayed the other into oblivion. Paid hella attention to the recast meter, too. One well placed HP shield and you can just let the boss sit there with 30K without worry while you're chipping away at the other.
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User Info: jaganshi2

1 month ago#45
jeremykun29 posted...
Agreed. You really have to time it right for it to work. Also, having it on the HP attack forces you to use skills or just BRV attack.
If you also break the opponent and push him back, it can mess everything up.
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User Info: DysonSlinky

1 month ago#46
52 turns
Vayne, Penelo, Seymour


Got robbed of a faster version of this last night by a magic pixel (enemy literally had 500 HP left x.x) and they snake hit her recast. Was at 46 turns too, oh well, this is good enough.
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User Info: beam1249

1 month ago#47
45 turns, max score
Aranea, Vanille, Vayne- Brother and Aranea friend

They didn’t get a turn. Now it’s time to go through and mess with my roster to do some goofy runs.

User Info: Luckstrife

1 month ago#48
Broken team : Vayne x Aranea x Beatrix x Aranea x Ramuh 999999k 47 turns
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User Info: dudersaurus

1 month ago#49
Aranea, Penelo, Vayne, Bros, friendship Aranea.

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User Info: Puniard

1 month ago#50
First and only run, Steiner 3/3, Beatrix 0/3 and Vayne 3/3. Brothers, Setzer.

Score: 951,369
Turns: 59
HP Lost: 12,923
Breaks: 7

Also have Vanille 3/3 but wanted to try out Bea's EX+.

Had a good run until the end when Vayne coped two massive HP attacks, I'm surprized he didn't get KO's from the second one cos he only had 3000 HP befroe the attack. Got lucky..
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